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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

One sneeze: Bless you. Two sneezes: Ugh, bless you.  Three sneezes: Silence.  Four sneezes: We'll never be as close as we once were.

Waffles, Baffles, Maffles

I'm craving in NEED. THEM. NOW. but I'm at work and unless they've recently added a waffle station...I'm outta luck. In the meantime...I will dream of waffles and all the things that one can do with waffles.

Make a castle out of them.Throw them at people. Disco waffle Frisbee (Vine)Play heads or tails. Start a game of checkers by conveniently putting syrup in only half the squares. One word: Air hockey. Disguise it as a pancake. Bite eyes and a mouth in one and use it as a mask. Give all your friends a motivational speech about the inequality between waffles and pancakes. I mean really. Why is it that pancakes always get better treatment?! Hand them out to people in the park. Go to the check-out at a store and ask if they accept waffles as a currency. Make a hundred waffles, sew them all together, and use them as a blanket. Or pillow. They both work. Make puppets out of them. Create a waffle sculpture in the shape of a turkey and show it off to all your acq…

I Am So Freakin' Enlightened

I've discovered that sometimes your brain ain't your best friend. Self-discipline is really friggin’ hard. Especially when your brain chemicals are gushing full-force telling you to do something that you feel as though you cannot stop doing. I think a sign of strength and maturity is the ability to stop yourself when you feel the most like you cannot. Sometimes this test happens when we are in a lot of pain that we desperately want to get out of, and sometimes it’s simply when we are in the heat of passion or we really want that glazed donut. The secret to everything you wish you could do, or could make yourself do, lies in how you behave in those moments. Do you decide you are powerless or do you decide you are not? Well, the secret to changing a long set trait is being successful just once. Walking the other way, pulling the emergency chord. Listening to a tiny voice inside yourself and changing course when you feel like you can’t.

The enlightenment that I recently had in my …

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

"When one door closes, another one opens" is an example of very shoddy housebuilding workmanship.

Do You Like It Hot?

Dear Sir (or Madam, but maybe wouldn't it be cool if maybe one day using “sir” it could really be anyone you are addressing, kind of like how it is on Battlestar Galactica? That is a great show. Do you watch the show sir? I recommend that you do),

I am writing you for a very important cause. A cause that I hold dear to my heart. That cause is to say Thank You. Thank you for inventing Hot Tamales. They are my most favourite of all candy, followed in no particular order by the following: 

Nerds (anything that is that colourful and cute and edible is genius)
Big Turk

But really Sir Inventor, I feel that you need to know that my love for Hot Tamales far surpasses my love for many other things, including the following (in no particular order): 
Yellow highlighters
Alarm clocks
Ballet flats
Kleenex (which I love a lot, especially the fun printed boxes)

This week I have purchased a pack of Hot Tamales almost daily (I say almost because my memory is poor and I think there was…


There is such a thing as growing out of our baggage. When we go through a big change it can force us to see ourselves differently, or help us to realize something that has been hurtful all along. A sudden change in perspective gives us a gift in that we lose our blindness to many things that have become habit. It’s like hitting a reset button on ourselves, one that brings great opportunity for growth that might otherwise have taken years to arrive at.

This perspective change also comes from a dedication to personal growth. When we constantly work on ourselves and commit to attaining happiness, confidence and peace, we confront a lot of the pains that plague us, and with time, dispel them. Because we bond with certain people based on shared issues, when we grow things just won’t fit as well anymore. Relationships, social habits, even jobs or hobbies. Sometimes we find that we must move on, as the self we have shed was our only tie to this thing. It can be sad and confusing to let go, es…

Funny Face Friday

I really need to get some new props!

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

I wish that if you stopped yourself from sneezing enough times you could shoot an energy ball out of your hand.That would be so cool!

Oh Sugar Sugar

I was eating some Hot Tamales for breakfast (don't judge ☺), and I was thinking about candy. I know to some of you...candy may not necessarily be food, but to's one of the food groups on my food pyramid.

I love candy, I seriously have to slow down on eating. There are so many different flavors, from sweet to spicy to sour. It's just something awesome that you can snack on pretty much anywhere. You can suck on it, chew on it and bite it. It's something you eat when you don't feel like food or a snack. It's simply amazing.

I love you candy.

Happy Tuesday!

Bright Idea

I think we need a new word.

Sure, there are already a lot of words in the English language. Take 'umbilical', for instance. Or 'pepperpot'; that's a good one, too. I'm also a big fan of 'comely', 'lichen', and 'onomatopoetic' (this one is my should google it and listen to the correct it).

So, the thing is this...all those words I've mentioned, plus all the others that I didn't (since there's only so much space available here), don't really do the thing that I want this new word to do. And that's why we need the new word. There's a 'word gap' here. A semantic void. A lexical lacuna, a phraseological pockmark, a communicative chasm. A vocabularial vacuity, even.

In answer to your question, yes, I decided to tiptoe through the thesaurus while I was searching for words. This is what qualifies as entertainment for me these days. (I know, sad right? Weep for me, dear readers. Wee…

Funny Face Friday

Have a great weekend you lovely peoples ☺

No Laughing Matter

I don’t know what it is about laughing when you shouldn't that feels so good. Unfortunately, this can draw unwanted attention and can be considered inappropriate, insensitive or even just plain rude. But sometimes, you just can’t help it.That’s why I’m here to give you some advice on how to get through this potentially awkward situation.

With a group - Let’s say you’re at dinner with some acquaintance.The pressure is on, you want to make a good impression but someone starts telling a depressing news story. I don’t know why but whenever someone says something sad, the first thought I have in my head is don’t laugh. And that just makes me laugh. A good option in this situation is to take a napkin and completely cover your mouth so no one can see that you’re laughing. You may even have to stomp on the ground a couple of times to hide the noise of laughter. Another option is to just shove food in your mouth. Really, anything you can do to cover up your laugh hole is perfect. A helpful …

State of Mind

Happiness is a state of mind that takes effort and commitment. We all have fleeting bursts of happiness at great news or successes, but sustained happiness as the resting state of your personality is achievable too. It’s not something that happens overnight, but if you decide you want to be happy, declare it to yourself, write it down so you know it’s true and then commit to it, it can be so.

You ultimately have the power to decide how you feel about something, and if you know you are attached to a feeling that you don’t want or need to have, you can work on letting it go. If you feel your brain is getting in the way of your enjoyment of life, tell it to stop. Decide to let go of that pain and change that habit. Being plagued by that “one bad thing” takes you out of the moment and robs you of your enjoyment of your life, which is not fair, especially when life’s pretty good. I’m the type of person (but working on it) that will be happy until one little thing goes wrong, then I decide t…