I think I'm ready, no...I know I'm ready.

Okay Janet...first post...I have been fretting over this first post, wondering if I was going to be any good at blogging or if, as I suspect, I am going to be truly terrible at it and for a girl such as myself who knows how to talk and talk a lot, you would think that blogging would be easy! It's just talking isn't it?

I'm the type to be quiet all evening while puttering around the house or watching TV but something happens when I get into bed. It's typically 11:30 when Adam and I have crawled into bed, each with a book in hand. Adam clearly ready to relax and escape to some wonderful land that he's reading about, or what herbs to grow or what would be involved in raising ones own chickens or pigs..or both! I on the other hand begin to think about what I did or didn't get done that day, what happened at work, my drive home, plans for the weekend, plans for the next holiday weekend, what patio set I want...you get the idea. That is when I get chatty and I begin to ramble while Adam patiently listens and for that I love him.

I am hoping that as I begin to start this new chapter of my life that I am able to express my thoughts and rambles here, hoping someone will listen but happy nonetheless if someone does not....

This is my little piece of the interwebs!


  1. Congrats on taking the leap and making your first post! I promise you, it's the hardest one!


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