Hello Friday...why did you take so long to get here? 

It's been a long week. 

Estrace is really starting to take a toll on my mood and emotions and well...let's be honest shall we...it's just not fun. For Adam, and I or perhaps even for Adam's slightly ~ okay...more than slightly ~ brain damaged cat Brick and yes, his name really is Brick. What you need to know about Brick is that his name matches up perfectly with his level of intelligence. This cat and I have a love/hate relationship...I'm leaning more towards hate. Perhaps another day you'll pull up a chair and I'll share some of the "fond" memories I have of Brick.  

I digress...I've said over and over again that I would not let infertility and fertility treatments turn me into a bitter angry woman and that I would try my very best to stay positive...I'm trying, I really am but the past few days have been challenging. Regular Janet has gone away. I miss her and I hope she comes back again soon. If you see her, please guide her home and tell her that shes missed.

While I wait for her return, I think I'll have a bubble bath with a glass of wine (or two, or three, or...) in one hand a good book in the other. We all know that wine and books make everything better. Don't they?

I like Big Books by  ExLibris Journals via Etsy

If you need me I'll be upstairs neck deep in bubbles.


  1. "I like big books and I cannot lie" SNORT Hilarious. :)

    If I see Janet I'll head her home. After we go out shopping and have a talk over a nice cup of coffee.

  2. Hi... Just passed on a Liebster Award to you :)) Thinking of you xoxo

    See link : http://newyearmum2.blogspot.com/2011/11/new-post-on-my-private-blog_28.html

  3. Hi from your newest follower. I feel you on the Estrogen. I told my husband he was a saint the other day and extended that to any husband who supports his wife through fertility treatments. I find I am pretty miserable in the morning when I first get up. I'm not a morning person to begin with and Estrogen turns me into a troll.

    When is your transfer?

  4. Chickenpig ~ Janet would love some shopping and a cup of coffee!

    New Year Mum ~ Thank you so very much! It's my very first blog award and I'm incredibly grateful. I have been blessed to find and connect with some many truly amazing women.

    Liz ~ Looks like Estrogen turns up both into trolls! My transfer is set for December 8th.


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