Before I Forget...

Yesterday was Day 5 ultrasound day and I encountered, for the first time, promotional stirrup covers. Are you familiar with these? Little mittens that slip over the stirrups in an exam room, little mittens advertising pharmaceutical products?

I found them peculiar. Have pharmaceutical companies found these to be effective? Do women nestling themselves in for a wanding see these promotional stirrup mittens through the frame of their thighs and think “Hmm. Zoladex. I should Ask My Doctor about Zoladex - as soon as she removes her fingers from my vagina.”

The results just arrived...But honestly  I am too tired to write about the appointment - I feel defeated. All you need to know if that my FSH is higher than it's ever been and my antral follicle count is lower than it's ever been and I would like very much to crawl into a hole in the wall, pulling a bottle of wine and an electric blanket in after me, and not emerging until…well, do I have to emerge at all?

Couldn't I just stay in here?

Easy breezy...ha...that now seems laughable!


  1. I have not seen promotional stirrup covers, but I guess I would be fine with them if it kept my costs down.....of course I'm sure the practice ends up putting the money towards doctor's salaries or something.....

    I'm sorry about your FSH and follicle count...hopefully it starts to get better in the next few days?

  2. For my recent cycle, my FSH had gone up and my count was down too. They put me on the highest doses. And so far so good. Don't give up.

  3. That sucks that you've been knocked down. I'm with Kanis, it's too late to give up hope, even though it's hard to lift your head right now.

    I have yet to encounter these promotional stirrup covers. My clinic had bright sunflower pot holders on all of theirs, except the operating theater.

  4. I am quite familiar with those fuzzy little promotional stirrup covers. Maybe they are for warmth and comfort more than anything else?! Who the heck knows.

    I hope you can get your easy breezy feeling back soon. Some things set us back a bit and then we get back up on our feet. I know you will!

  5. Sorry to hear about your count and FSH. Hang in there - I know this is so hard. At least you have kept your sense of humor intact through it all. don't give up!

  6. janet, i'm so sorry to hear. sending love and prayers (and a huge bottle of wine).
    i'll be thinking about you. <3<3

  7. I'm so sorry you're feeling this way. For what it's worth, I think crawling in a hole with your wine and electric blanket is ok for a spell...It can even be therapeutic in limited doses, in my experience. And we'll be waiting here to share your renewed hope when it's time.

  8. I'm so sorry you're not feeling to great at the moment, hide away if you want to, I'm sure you've had to put a brave face on many other times, allow yourself this time to do exactly what you want. Take care xxx


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