It's All In The Details

There are a few details that I should have included yesterday but as you can imagine, yesterday was not my best day apologizes.

When I took those two tests yesterday morning I was at what I think was  6dpo. I had an almost positive OPK on CD15 and a positive on CD16. I knew that this was way too early to test but once addicted, always addicted...anyway...I was gob smacked when not one but two tests came up very clearly positive. 

Did I ovulate early? (even though every OPK from CD10-15 was negative). Could the tests be wrong? Were they picking up something else? (even though I'm only on my usual vitamins) I shoved them into Adam's sleeping face to make sure that he saw what I saw...he did. Two very clear positives on two different brands.

Due to the nature of the surgery that I had on my tubes in November, I was advised to call the clinic as soon as I had a positive test (the risk of ectopic is higher after tubal surgery) I knew it was early but I did as instructed. I went about my day expecting that phone call to bring good news but we all know how that went. Clinic offered no insight, just a quick "not pregnant, progesterone is high so you ovulated and will have your period in a week. Good bye".

I tested this morning with two different tests and both were negative...not even a hint of a line. 7dpo (period is due in 7 days) is early but...

What in the H to the E to the L to the L is going on?


  1. I'm beyond confused. I'm sorry this all happened to you- I'm still hoping this weirdness will turn into wonderful, but in the meantime I'm sending you a great big hug!

  2. This is so confusing! You had two bright positives!! What the hell?! And there is nothing today?! Nothing?! Ugh I am so aggeevated for you! What BS!

  3. I can't understand this?! It's not like those tests are faint at all. I'm sorry you have to go through this confusion. I'm still crossing my fingers for you!

  4. Crazy! Maybe when you ovulate it triggers a false positive for some reason? It is just so weird that two separate tests would be obviously positive. Reacting to the progesterone maybe? I'm sorry that you had to go through this :(


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