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Dirt Anyone

Woke up this beautiful Saturday morning to sunshine streaming through our bedroom window, birds singing in the trees and this...

Last year Adam planted a small garden in our backyard and this year wanted to make it bigger. Bigger you say..."How much bigger?" I ask. His reply went a little something like this"..."Not that much bigger, about twice the size". Hmmm, okay that sounds cool as we could plant a few more things that we didn't plant last year. I was sold. 
What do you need to fill a garden with...dirt. No problem I think...let's just head off to the local nursery or garden center and get what we need.  All taken care of he tells me, dirt will be delivered in the morning.
Delivered this morning as promised...Clearly we had very different ideas on just how much dirt was required.

Why is it that when you really, really want something you can never seem to find it?

All I want is a little dark chocolate with peppermint cream filling. That isn't asking too much is it?
I like to think of myself has a fairly healthy girl, I eat lots of fruits and veggies, have been cutting out pre packaged and processed food, I rock climb regularly in an effort to stay fit and maintain some level of sanity...but...I am also a girl that has a fondness for candy, sweets, pastries and chocolate! This fondness is the reason for my current level of frustration. 
For weeks now I have been craving a Cadbury know..the cute little dark chocolate mint that comes in the little purple and green package.

I had one a few weeks back for the first time in years and wow, it was delicious! I wanted to have yet another and off to the store I went and no PEP to be found. Off to the next store and no PEP to be found. Off to yet another and no PEP to be found. You can see where this is going. I've been to at least a dozen stores and in a city as big as Ottawa one would figu…

I thought I was smart...isn't that cute!

If this next chapter of my life was going to have a quick summary, it might go a little something like this...

It's got drama (will the embryos make it to blast?), it's got comedy (giving yourself an injection in a cramped bathroom stall at work is hilarious!), it's got plotline and conflict, drama and tears...It's "Ja-Adam's IVF" and it's coming to a small screen near you.

We've been talking about IVF for over a year now and well...the time for talking is done and I have to tell you, I am a big ball of rolled up emotional/crazy/nutty/happy/scared Janet. I've been searching the interwebs for months now for information and wow..the interwebs can be a very weird and scary place, also funny but yeah, mostly weird. I've been trying to learn the correct IVF terms & definitions in an attempt to make it at least sound like I know what I am talking about. Here's a sampling:

AF - Aunt Flo - not always a welcome friend, a necessary evil.
BCP - B…

I think I'm ready, no...I know I'm ready.

Okay Janet...first post...I have been fretting over this first post, wondering if I was going to be any good at blogging or if, as I suspect, I am going to be truly terrible at it and for a girl such as myself who knows how to talk and talk a lot, you would think that blogging would be easy! It's just talking isn't it?

I'm the type to be quiet all evening while puttering around the house or watching TV but something happens when I get into bed. It's typically 11:30 when Adam and I have crawled into bed, each with a book in hand. Adam clearly ready to relax and escape to some wonderful land that he's reading about, or what herbs to grow or what would be involved in raising ones own chickens or pigs..or both! I on the other hand begin to think about what I did or didn't get done that day, what happened at work, my drive home, plans for the weekend, plans for the next holiday weekend, what patio set I get the idea. That is when I get chatty and I begin t…