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(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

How to taste wine...

1. Slosh 2. Smell 3. Slosh  4. Place ear over glass to hear the flavor.  5. Write short historical fiction starring wine.

P.S. I'm in Amsterdam at this very moment enjoying a delightful glass of wine.

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Oh okay thanks for the tip, I was actually planning on letting the bed bugs bite but good call.


So yeah...AF just reared her ugly face...month 10 since surgery to repair my tubes and no pregnancy (at least not one that sticks around long enough to write home about). While I'm not still hurts. 

In hurts a great deal. My heart feels heavy.

Do you know what will help to ease my heavy, hurting heart? 

How about a wonderful vacation to Amsterdam! 

I leave for my sisters tonight, we fly out to Amsterdam tomorrow. 

I'll be cell phone free and completely unplugged...See you in 10 days!

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Whenever I see someone pick up an avocado, feel it, and put it back I pick up that same avocado and whisper "you're still beautiful" to it.

Confession Time

Okay, yes, so I fart. I know plenty of times you're a farter too, but you won't ever admit that you are a farter. You know farting is such a social hush-hush; it is such a taboo that we didn't even develop a bailout word for it in our society. Okay, so you step on someone's foot and say, "I'm really sorry" and you get, "It's okay" You cough up during an important meeting, and all you need to say is, "Excuse me". For all you know, you may be met with "God bless you"

Farting? Un-an!

Now imagine, you are at a celebration dinner and you let go of that digestive panacea! Well, it’s not an "excuse me" or a "sorry" then, is it? All you can do is to sneak out and effortlessly slither into the most crowded place at sight, making yourself less of an easy target. The alternate is to run...before the army of air escapes and find yourself the most desolate spot in the universe to bury your crime. You need timing thou…

La Mia Bella Vita

Today is 12 dpo and it occurred to me that I haven't updated you all in our ongoing quest for baby JaAdam in quite some time. Here's the Cliffsnotes version....

It's turns out that I do not have a clotting factor. In fact, other than my thyroid level being slightly elevated, everything else came back just fine. Honestly, it was bittersweet. I was hopeful that a clotting factor would help to explain 5 chemical pregnancies in 7 months but alas it was not to be. With this news in hand we decided last month to proceed with an endometrial biopsy and can you guess the also came back just fine. At the end of the all seems to boil down to AMA (advanced maternal age), high FSH and low AMH. While this isn't great news, it's also not "new" news. This is what I've suspected all along.

It's the hand that I've been dealt and while I cannot control the selection of the cards I've been dealt...I can control how I react and to be honest…

(Not Terribly Funny) Funny Face Friday


(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

My friend asked, "How do cheestrings work?" I started to laugh, but then I stopped. How do cheestrings work?

The Human Experince

When I started this blogging adventure I didn't really know what to expect. I figured I'd talk about my life and infertility struggle and cross my fingers that people might just be interested enough to read what I wrote. It strikes me as funny when I look back and laugh at the old naive me that had no idea what I was getting myself into?
Turns out, blogging is like real life. There are ups and downs, highs and lows, and everything in between. And while most experiences are positive and encouraging, every once in awhile I have a bad day.
Today is one of those days.
Sad. That is what I am feeling right now. I can give you a good number of reasons why I am sad, but that is not the intention of this post. I can also add a whole bunch of other emotions such as frustration, disappointment, anger and exhaustion into sad, but for now, I will umbrella them all under sad
The human experience is filled with a range of emotions. It is the experience of these emotions and the ability to deal…

Hypotheticaly Speaking

I like to think about how many times and how many ways I would have died already if I happened to be born 38,000 years ago instead of 38 years ago. I say I like to think about it because none of them have happened, so I can be glad. And I think you should too.

Here are the 4 most plausible deaths of my hypothetical prehistoric existence:

1. Eaten by a bear - I can be clumsy, and what little coordination I have doesn't stand up terribly well to high-pressure situations. I can all but guarantee you that if I was being chased by a hungry, large-toothed animal, I would trip over even the most unobtrusive rock or twig and be greedily consumed.

2. Fallen off a cliff - I was born with less than awesome vision. I had to wear glasses (and get teased for it) when I was in grade school. If I had been born before glasses were invented, I would have been stumbling around with my arms outstretched looking for a landmark or friend. It is perfectly likely that one of those days, I would have gotten …

Funny Face Friday

Happy Weekend my lovely peoples!

“There is no friend as loyal as a book” ~ Ernest Hemingway

Here is my list of reasons why real books are better than e-books...

With an e-reader or smartphone app, I can hold thousands of books in the palm of my hand. Psh! Who wants to do that? If I literally hold thousands of books in the palm of my hand, THINK of how much stronger my wrists are going to be! Want a work-out? Get some real books and go for a walk. When I'm done reading an e-book and want to take a break, the reading device will remember exactly where you are. Which is great...if you're lazy! Come on! Give me an old school bookmark or a folded up piece of paper to keep my place, any day! If you want to read, but your spouse is sleeping, you can totally read an e-book in bed, right next to them. You can even adjust the backlight so it doesn't disturb them. But you don't want to do that, do you? No way! Take your old school "real book" out to the couch! Read a little, fall asleep on the couch and wake up in the middle of the night, confused by the slobbe…

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Rhinos are really just old, fat unicorns. Don't argue. You know I'm right.

Feet, Pieds, Voeten

Dear Feet,

It’s been fun. Really it has. Tripping. All. The. Time. Tripping in the entrance to the office, in the parking lot, at the mall. Really it’s been a blast, but all good things must come to an end, and I think the end has come, don’t you?

Yes, I realize there was a rug in front of the door at the office, and technically, you shouldn’t be blamed for that. But you did manage to insert yourselves under the rug, and not just any rug, but one of those industrial, non slip, rubber around the edges, not even old ladies will trip on this rug, rug. Thankfully there was a door there to catch me when I flew forward and I would be parting ways. I can get prosthetic feet. Best of luck to you finding a prosthetic body.

I’m sure you want all kinds of recognition for this morning, when you managed to get the toe of my new super cute sparkly TOMS caught in the tile grout at the mall, but guess what? No kudos from me. Big freaking deal is what I say. Yeah, yeah, thousands…

Beginning My Thirty Ninth Year

Well, here it is. August 3, 2013 - I am officially 38. Which technically means I am beginning my 39th year of life...but for my sanity and the fact that last year was pretty best year ever begins today. Hurrah.
So let’s begin with a first day check-in. I feel the same as I did yesterday (at least I think I will...I'm, at this very moment, likely hanging out on a granite cliff 200 feet up enjoying the view that Bon Echo so beautifully provides and writing this post August 2 cause I can't post from the middle of nowhere yo).

What do I plan to do this year? Let’s see…here are a few of my intentions for The Great 38.
Get Published. Anything really. Amateur or professional - just published. This is something that I have been thinking about since I was a little girlGet my body back - sort of. I want to prepare my body and soul for baby JaAdam but I'm not willing to endure much else in the way of drugs/treatment to conceive baby JaAdam...if that makes any sense at all.…

Funny Face Friday

Have a wild, wacky and wonderful weekend!

Only One?

On my lunch break today I drove up to the road to Walmart to purchase a few things...
Twin pack of deodorantA pair of sandalsCat treatsA pair of thong underwearA four cheese frozen pizza As I approach the checkout area, I try to determine who will be the least judgmental cashier. Why, you ask, would the cashier be judgmental? Uh, did you read my shopping list? Who purchases all those things together?

It doesn't take a genius to figure out my plans for the night. Sit around in my thong underwear and snazzy gold sandals whilst eating pizza, coating myself in deodorant and feeding my cat salmon flavored cat treats like Princess Leia fed Jabba the Hut grapes. If she did that. I haven't seen Star Wars in a really long time.

I select the line of the less judgmental cashier, meaning she’s older than the teenage Barbie doll tending the other line, and wait with my goodies.

And then the unthinkable happens. The teenage Barbie doll finishes with her customers before the older cashier. And sh…