(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

My friend asked, "How do cheestrings work?" I started to laugh, but then I stopped. How do cheestrings work?

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  1. Ummmm....I don't know, but I must say that when I saw the picture above (really small) in my BlogLovin'...I thought it was a (slightly mangled) tampon. And I was like JANET, YOU'VE CROSSED THE LINE!!! Hahaha. Glad it is only some yummy cheese!!!!

  2. Hahahaha. For some reason that made me laugh out loud! I'm sure people are wondering what is going on in my office. I'm going to get busted for "non work" stuff at work now! I really needed a smile today. Thanks Janet!

  3. Is "cheestring" a Canadian word? Love it. Much better than "string cheese" in American.


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