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Love Is In The Air

How was your weekend? Our's was simply amazing! 
We had the pleasure of being a part of one very special day...our very best climbing friends, Helen & Ron or as we affectionately call them "HelRon" were married! It was simple, sweet & oh so very perfect! 
Fun...haven't had that much in quite some time! We are used to seeing our rock climbing friends dressed in well...rock climbing/outdoor clothes so it was a pleasant surprise to see everyone all dressed up and can I just say...for a group of climbers...we clean up nicely! What a lovely bunch of folks we are. 
It was great to take a small step back and appreciate love, family, friends and life and just how very lucky Adam and I are to be a part of such an amazing group of people. There was much talk about the "hopefully to be JaAdam baby"...I cannot wait to share that with the people that I love and admire so much. This is going to be one lucky kid!

Happy Monday!

Do I Dare Dance?

Hello, my name is Janet and I am a horrible dancer. If you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? 

Recently, after revealing that we would be attending a wedding this coming weekend and yes, there would be dancing involved, my friends and family members decided to hold a 'dance intervention.' ............... Yes, I'm that bad....fortunately for me, nobody has managed to capture me on video, to the best of my knowledge....and no, that is not a dare. So don't bother walking around with your video camera ready to go!

Just to give you a visual...I'm sure you've all seen and or heard about Elaine from Seinfeld and her awesome dance moves

This should give you a pretty good idea about just how bad of a dancer I am. Apparently...though, it gets worse. Since I am such a crappy dancer, I apparently only have a signature move that I repeat...non-stop. Think "Grocery Cart" or "Lawnmower" moves but rest assured, its bad....really bad. In fact, w…

Protocols & Gardens

It's official...we have our IVF protocol...YES, I am excited and YES I am scared!

Here's the scoop...
- May 23 until June 9 - Marvelon
- June 10 - Medication teaching, start Lupron injections (this word frightens me), blood work and ultrasound
- June 16 - Day 0 - Suppression check
- June 16 - Day 1 - Start Puregon & Menopur injections  (even more frightening) & Vibramycin
- June 21 - Day 6 of stimulation - daily blood works and ultrasounds
- June 25 - Day 10-12 - HCG given
- June 27 - Estimated egg retrieval
- June 30 - Estimated embryo transfer - start Estrace & Progesterone

I sure hope that my egg and Adam's sperm get along and like one another as much as Adam and I like one another! Beta would be around July 10-12. *Fingers Crossed*

Still trying to absorb that this is actually happening and that with any luck we will make a wee little JaAdam baby!

And now for something completely unrelated...Our Garden! Progress has been quite good and much better than this …


It is amazing how you think you have everything for the most part worked out and how you feel that everything you do is now a habit that usually works out for the best...and then life throws you a curve swing and you miss and end up not knowing which way is up and which way is down. Today is one of those days...

We still don't have our protocol from our clinic yet and I am feeling a little frustrated and in the dark. I have been in touch with a couple of other women that are using the same clinic and they all seem to have gotten their protocols as soon as they started their cycle or even before and were doing ultrasounds and blood work on day three and here is sit on day three with no idea what is going on. *Sigh* Here's hoping that we will know more today.

And So It Begins

Attention...the Crazy IVF Train will soon be departing the station!

I took my first BCP yesterday, get my protocol from our clinic today...excited and nervous!!

Happy Tuesday!

Books, Libros, Bucher, Kitaplar, Livres...

The food is packed, the gear is packed, the tent is packed and most importantly...the books are packed! Adam and I are heading to Bon Echo this afternoon to my favorite place...Bon Echo! We'll climb all day, share stories with friends, eat way more food than is necessary, hang out at the end of the dock with a glass of wine in hand and watch the stars. I'll then crawl into the tent and snuggle down in my sleeping bag with a book...a perfect way to spend a day if you ask me!
Someone told me the other day that print and traditional books are a dead and dying breed *GASP* 
I disagree! 
There is something magical about a book...the way it feels, the way it smells, the crinkle of the pages, the secrets inside. I think that I just might be more in love with the book itself than the actual reading of said book. A can't imagine a home without books. The Kindle on the shelf packed with a hundred books just doesn't give me that same fuzzy feeling as my favorite books that sit on my…


Confession Time....I have a Love Affair with Bon Echo!

My first trip to Bon Echo was in 1998, I had just gotten into rock climbing and had never been climbing outside. I went with a few friends and I have to tell was love at first sight! I have been going back just about every year since. The experiences, good times and bad, will have a lasting impact on my life.

There was my 32nd birthday when my best friend Susan smuggled up a violin and a hedgehog cake from my favorite bakery...

where I truly connected with Adam who just happens to be the love of my life...

and my goofy, crazy, funny, lovable and incredible friends whom I absolutely adore!

I must admit that deciding to have a baby was the easy part, deciding to be pregnant through climbing season...that was a little harder! This long weekend will be our first trip back since last fall and I cannot wait!  I am excited about friends with great stories. I am excited about climbing. I am excited about great food and e…

Spiders, Zebras & Tomatoes

This morning, I was leaving my bedroom (where I sleep) to get a glass of water from the kitchen (where I obtain glasses of water), and there, on the floor in our hallway, was a giant spider!

So this spider was, thank goodness still...very, very still, which meant it had breathed its last putrid, breath, and had joined its ancestors in spider heaven. I ran to the kitchen to unroll the entire paper towel roll. You see, when picking up a dead spider—which I have done exactly one other time, and that was only because Adam wasn't home to do the deed for me...he was off  gallivanting around Europe with his brother - Sorry, where was I? Yes. When picking up a dead spider, it is essential that you avoid being able to feel any of its contours or textures.

Okay. So you don’t want to feel it, because then you risk dropping it in horror, and then you risk it landing somewhere on your person, and that as we all know leads to death, because there’s no reason to live once that happens. So you get …

Time To Say Goodbye

I've had some on going trouble with a bad little molar for a few years now. I knew at some point that I was going to have to part with said "bad little molar" but I was hopeful we could be friends again someday...sadly that was not meant to be and Wednesday we parted ways.

Now that the weekend is here, I can thankfully take the pain medication that I couldn't take at work. Hello "pain free" hello "sleep" and hopefully hello "real food".
Happy weekend!

Clothing Conundrum

"Conundrum" - Definition - A complex or perplexing problem that generally has no clear solution.
Ilovedresses! Especially really pretty, feminine & romantic looking dresses. Granted they usually look much better on the rack or in the window than on me but Ilovethem just the same.
With spring here and summer just around the corner, I was feeling the need to purchase a few new dresses and pieces for the warmer weather...that…and to find something to match the new pair of pick ballet flats I purchased a few weeks ago and have been searching for the perfect dress to match. Normally this is a happy event that I tend to enjoy immensely but not this time...this time...I left feeling...hmmmm...not quite sure just how I was feeling but I did come home empty handed.
We start our first IVF cycle this month and if all goes well and we are fortunate enough to get pregnant, I will be pregnant in July.This is the source of my current clothing conundrum.
What do I buy? Do I buy something to…

Some Good News

Last night we filled my prescription of Marvelon, a birth control pill, I'll start this on day 2 of my IVF cycle. I called it in at work, popped in to pick it up and when I paid for it I paid not the usual $4.11 dispensing fee but the full amount. Apparently they sent the request into our insurance company and it was denied. What did I do? Freaked out a little! 

I was pretty sure that our insurance was going to deny us coverage on any of our IVF drugs. There are quite a few and they are quite expensive! This morning I called our insurance company and it seems there was an error on the pharmacies part and that yes, they would pay for the BCP, this was good news so I asked about the other drugs. I gave them all of the DIN# and the answer that I got back was...YES...they would cover 100% of every medication that I will need. 

What a relief...Happy Tuesday!

Embracing my Inner Freak

I recently upgraded from the iPhone 3 to an iPhone 4.

One cool feature of the 4 is that the camera is both front and rear facing.
Yesterday I was driving, enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze, listening to & singing along with my new favorite "Glee" soundtrack, feeling pretty relaxed! 
Last night I was checking out the old photos that were transferred from my old iPhone to the new and came across these...

I did not take these! My first response was to delete them immediately...Then I paused...and decided that I was going to embrace my inner freak! I am not perfect! But I do think that I am a great human being who loves and adores her family & friends. I work hard. I try my very best to live a good life and set a good example...and yes....I am just a little bit freaky!

I was however debating posting this...brace yourself!
I have a feeling that the producers of "Glee" will NOT be calling my anytime soon!
Happy Monday!

Unsolved Mysteries

It seems I have a mystery on my hands. Not quite on the scale of say a “Bermuda Triangle” or “Stonehenge” kind of mystery but a genuine mystery none the less.
I did laundry the other day...not exactly truly very exciting news I know but it explains the mystery so just go with me on this one..
I pulled out my laundry, folded a few things and noticed that there was some kind of pink goo on my clothes. “Hmmmm” I think “I wonder what that is?” I ask myself but continue to fold away. I do another load of laundry and get the same result so I take a look in the dryer and find this...

Along with a lonely but guilty looking Double Bubble wrapper. Double Bubble was invented in 1928 by Philadelphia based Walter E. Diemer, an accountant at Fleer. Why do I know this...I have no idea but I do. Anywho...said wrapper was happily curled up into the corner of the dryer trying very hard to look innocent. Now for the interesting part...not a soul in the JaAdam household has any idea how or why a chewed up p…

New Favorite Things

Last month we finished and completed our epic living/dining room make over. We spent hours on ladders, trowels in hand, scraping off our popcorn ceiling. I'm sure we are all familiar with what a popcorn ceiling is but if you are not...?

As defined by Wikpedia:
popcorn ceiling, also known as an acoustic ceiling, is a term for a spray-on or paint-on ceiling treatment used from the late 1950s into the 1980s in American residential construction. Cheaper than painting, it could be quickly and easily sprayed on in new construction and was also useful in masking ceiling defects in older homes, such as stains, uneven ceilings or poor workmanship. It was the standard for bedroom and residential hallways ceilings for its noise reduction qualities[citation needed], while kitchen and living rooms ceilings would normally be textured in smoother skip-trowel or orange peel texture for their higher durability and ease of cleaning.

In short..this stuff is horrible and I hated it! 
We pulled up the o…

Tea is for Trouble

This morning I find myself in the midst of a Tea-mergency! 
1. An unexpected and unfortunate occurrence, whilst not life-threatening, still a right pain e.g. a major spill on your new dress, a lost wallet, mobile phone etc. 2.A state of need, especially for help or relief created by some unforeseen event (see def 1) where a soothing cup of tea seems a good idea. 3. An event calling for the immediate dispersal of tea, possibly sympathy and certainly a biscuit.

The kinds of daily dilemmas a cup of tea can solve includes but are not limited to: - A stressful day at work - Feeling under the weather


Clown - A buffoon or jester who entertains by jokes, antics, and tricks in a circus, play, or other presentation. This is what "" tells me is the true definition of a clown..I disagree! 
Coulrophobia is an abnormal, irrational fear of clowns - as defined by the all knowing wikipedia.

I have this fear and to me, clowns aren't funny. In fact, they're kinda scary. I've always wondered where this started, and I  really don't have an answer. Perhaps in my childhood I had a run in with a clown that was so terrible and traumatizing I've blocked it out. I doubt it...but...I'm going to go with that instead of..."Janet is just a big fat scared wimp with an irrational fear of something that usually makes one laugh and feel happy".  In any case it's my ridiculous fear and I am not afraid to admit it!
Know what else is scary? IVF. What's scarier than that? IVF and Clowns!
Last night I had a dream, a truly horrible dream... We arri…