Love Is In The Air

How was your weekend? Our's was simply amazing! 

We had the pleasure of being a part of one very special day...our very best climbing friends, Helen & Ron or as we affectionately call them "HelRon" were married! It was simple, sweet & oh so very perfect! 

Fun...haven't had that much in quite some time! We are used to seeing our rock climbing friends dressed in well...rock climbing/outdoor clothes so it was a pleasant surprise to see everyone all dressed up and can I just say...for a group of climbers...we clean up nicely! What a lovely bunch of folks we are. 

It was great to take a small step back and appreciate love, family, friends and life and just how very lucky Adam and I are to be a part of such an amazing group of people. There was much talk about the "hopefully to be JaAdam baby"...I cannot wait to share that with the people that I love and admire so much. This is going to be one lucky kid!

All you need is love by Texas Girl Designs via Etsy

Happy Monday!


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