Clothing Conundrum

"Conundrum" - Definition - A complex or perplexing problem that generally has no clear solution.

I love dresses! Especially really pretty, feminine & romantic looking dresses. Granted they usually look much better on the rack or in the window than on me but I love them just the same.

With spring here and summer just around the corner, I was feeling the need to purchase a few new dresses and pieces for the warmer weather...that…and to find something to match the new pair of pick ballet flats I purchased a few weeks ago and have been searching for the perfect dress to match. Normally this is a happy event that I tend to enjoy immensely but not this time...this time...I left feeling...hmmmm...not quite sure just how I was feeling but I did come home empty handed.

We start our first IVF cycle this month and if all goes well and we are fortunate enough to get pregnant, I will be pregnant in July.  This is the source of my current clothing conundrum.

What do I buy? Do I buy something to just wear now knowing that in a few months I won’t fit into? Or do I buy things now that will accommodate a growing belly? I’m torn….

I’m not usually that superstitious. But. I feel like if I buy things now that will still fit when I’m pregnant…I’ll be jinxing things and that I won’t get pregnant! On the flip side, if I buy things that fit now but that won’t fit when I’m pregnant…I’ll also be jinxing things and I won’t get pregnant. *Sigh*

I guess for now I will just share a few of my favourites! 
River of Romansk's via Etsy

River of Romansk's via Etsy

River of Romansk's via Etsy


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