Some Good News

Last night we filled my prescription of Marvelon, a birth control pill, I'll start this on day 2 of my IVF cycle. I called it in at work, popped in to pick it up and when I paid for it I paid not the usual $4.11 dispensing fee but the full amount. Apparently they sent the request into our insurance company and it was denied. What did I do? Freaked out a little! 

I was pretty sure that our insurance was going to deny us coverage on any of our IVF drugs. There are quite a few and they are quite expensive! This morning I called our insurance company and it seems there was an error on the pharmacies part and that yes, they would pay for the BCP, this was good news so I asked about the other drugs. I gave them all of the DIN# and the answer that I got back was...YES...they would cover 100% of every medication that I will need. 

What a relief...Happy Tuesday!

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  1. That is great news! Our benefits covered the drugs as well which was a nice surprise. It makes the overall bank account impact a little less painful.

  2. Great news indeed! We were very happy as was our bank account!


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