Embracing my Inner Freak

I recently upgraded from the iPhone 3 to an iPhone 4.

One cool feature of the 4 is that the camera is both front and rear facing.

Yesterday I was driving, enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze, listening to & singing along with my new favorite "Glee" soundtrack, feeling pretty relaxed! 

Last night I was checking out the old photos that were transferred from my old iPhone to the new and came across these...

I did not take these! My first response was to delete them immediately...Then I paused...and decided that I was going to embrace my inner freak! I am not perfect! But I do think that I am a great human being who loves and adores her family & friends. I work hard. I try my very best to live a good life and set a good example...and yes....I am just a little bit freaky!

I was however debating posting this...brace yourself!
I have a feeling that the producers of "Glee" will NOT be calling my anytime soon!

Happy Monday!


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