Confession Time....I have a Love Affair with Bon Echo!

Sunset on the cliff via Adam 
My first trip to Bon Echo was in 1998, I had just gotten into rock climbing and had never been climbing outside. I went with a few friends and I have to tell was love at first sight! I have been going back just about every year since. The experiences, good times and bad, will have a lasting impact on my life.

There was my 32nd birthday when my best friend Susan smuggled up a violin and a hedgehog cake from my favorite bakery...

where I truly connected with Adam who just happens to be the love of my life...

and my goofy, crazy, funny, lovable and incredible friends whom I absolutely adore!

I must admit that deciding to have a baby was the easy part, deciding to be pregnant through climbing season...that was a little harder! This long weekend will be our first trip back since last fall and I cannot wait!  I am excited about friends with great stories. I am excited about climbing. I am excited about great food and even better wine. I am excited about dark skies and endless stars. I am excited about campfires. I am EXCITED!

Know what else I am excited about? That someday, Adam and I will be sharing the love we both have have for this special place with our child.
Red Groove
Climbing Red Groove


  1. Oh camping + wine sounds amazing right now! We went to bon echo twice last year. Nice for a close place and the showers were definitely a cut above the smaller parks nearby. Our favourite camping spot... Acadia Maine... amazing!


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