Protocols & Gardens

It's official...we have our IVF protocol...YES, I am excited and YES I am scared!

Here's the scoop...
- May 23 until June 9 - Marvelon
- June 10 - Medication teaching, start Lupron injections (this word frightens me), blood work and ultrasound
- June 16 - Day 0 - Suppression check
- June 16 - Day 1 - Start Puregon & Menopur injections  (even more frightening) & Vibramycin
- June 21 - Day 6 of stimulation - daily blood works and ultrasounds
- June 25 - Day 10-12 - HCG given
- June 27 - Estimated egg retrieval
- June 30 - Estimated embryo transfer - start Estrace & Progesterone

I sure hope that my egg and Adam's sperm get along and like one another as much as Adam and I like one another! Beta would be around July 10-12. *Fingers Crossed*

Still trying to absorb that this is actually happening and that with any luck we will make a wee little JaAdam baby!

And now for something completely unrelated...Our Garden! Progress has been quite good and much better than this time last year. Almost everything has started to grow, some more than others but it's great fun to see how everything is growing.
Nine raspberry bushes
Our attempt to keep the critters out
Beans, kale, spinach, beets, turnip are just a few of  the things we have growing
Nine tomato plants...four of them are heirloom! 
Today I am feeling a lot less crazy and a whole lot of hopeful!


  1. Yay, so excited that you are on your way with IVF! I too was on Marvelon, I think it might just be the oldest birth control pill ever! Try not to focus too much on what is to come, just take it one day at a time as the whole process when you think about it is very overwhelming.

    Your garden looks great!

  2. Thanks Ashley! Your blog has been a great source of information for me and to see your outcome, well...just makes me happy and hopeful!


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