Confession Time

Okay, yes, so I fart. I know plenty of times you're a farter too, but you won't ever admit that you are a farter. You know farting is such a social hush-hush; it is such a taboo that we didn't even develop a bailout word for it in our society. Okay, so you step on someone's foot and say, "I'm really sorry" and you get, "It's okay" You cough up during an important meeting, and all you need to say is, "Excuse me". For all you know, you may be met with "God bless you"

Farting? Un-an!

Now imagine, you are at a celebration dinner and you let go of that digestive panacea! Well, it’s not an "excuse me" or a "sorry" then, is it? All you can do is to sneak out and effortlessly slither into the most crowded place at sight, making yourself less of an easy target. The alternate is to run...before the army of air escapes and find yourself the most desolate spot in the universe to bury your crime. You need timing though...if the present gathering figures out that you always manage to be MIA when someone or the other has relieved themselves of some undigested food, the whole gathering knows in their mind that you’re a farter!

What about you...will you admit to farting?


  1. Well if I started having unicorn farts, I would TOTALLY brag about those :)

  2. This is too funny!! I wish I farted rainbows. :)

  3. You guys don't fart rainbows? Wow I must be the only one. :)

  4. One of my friends used to say that instead of saying "excuse me" after we fart, we should say "look out" beforehand!

  5. LOVE this! i fart all the time. just did a minute ago! hahaha. i fart anywhere. in front of pretty much anyone. steve and i fart every few minutes. and well, piper...she's following in our footsteps. when people get all weird about farting, i'm like, yo...just let it rip!! :)


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