In The Home Stretch


I mean, really, wow. As of tomorrow, I have one week until this baby is born.

7 days

8 nights

168 hours

I've spent the last 38 weeks watching in amazement, as my body changes and adapts, to grow another human. I've been horribly sick, more tired than I ever though possible, and discovered what it really means to have a aching body. Yes, this pregnancy has been a bit rough on me, even that is a understatement. I am waving my white flag quite often these days, collapsing into a heap of emotionally and physically exhausted Janet at the end of every day but I'm also the happiest I've ever been.

I have this renewed bond and intense love for my family. I find myself daydreaming even more about adventures we will take together, projects we can take on...our little family. I am excited to see Adam with a little boy, to witness their growing together, that unique father-son dynamic. I am curious to see if he will look like Adam, or take more after me. I am anxious to see how our everyday life shifts and changes, as we adjust to life with a new baby. I’m interested to see how/if it will change the dynamic of our relationship...will it strengthen and reinforce the deep bond that we have?

My body yearns for the snuggly, grunting, warm, heavenly-smelling body of a squishy newborn to be nestled into me. I made this. We made this. How incredible.

I have been experiencing a lot of early labor signs, making my comfort level questionable at best. Constantly being on high alert is exhausting and is starting to drain me. I had an OB appointment yesterday and knowing I have only a week left, if that, I have made a conscious decision to give in to the process. If I am going to go into real, proper labor before my scheduled c-section date of September 12th, so be it. If I don’t and these contractions, cramping and nausea keep up for the last, I've lost count of days...that is also out of my hands. I refuse to let this last week break me, because I know one day, probably sooner than I think, I will miss parts of this.

We are ready when you are, little man, and we can not wait to meet you.

37 Week belly
The contractions continue
Crib is ready for baby

38 week belly


  1. AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Good job mama!! You cooked that baby good! Can't wait to 'meet' him. Congratulations on being at the end! Or the beginning. However you want to look at it. So exciting!

  2. It has been a long road and you have done it my friend. I can't wait to see him :)

  3. Ahhh I am so excited for you!!! I can't believe that you are finally full term and ready to have him!! His room is adorrrrrable- love those monster prints! EEEEEK I can't wait to 'meet' him!!

  4. So so so so excited for you and Adam!! xoxo

  5. Love this post! You look great and the room is so cute! Enjoy this last little bit and the BIG day!

  6. You've done such a great job! You made it- he'll be here before you know it and be every bit as perfect as you are imagining! I can't wait to hear all about him!!!

  7. The room is so cute!! What a great job you have done, so excited for you!

  8. I cannot wait to meet your little man. I love his nursery!

  9. I love your smile in your weekly picture! Enjoy the belly for the next week! It will go so fast and you will miss it someday! Can't wait to meet little boy!

  10. You look amazing and your happiness shoots out of your eyes like lasers!

  11. Congrats on the home stretch! I love how happy and excited you are, and determined not to let this last week bowl you over. It sounds hard, so hard, but I am so looking forward to that picture of that snuggly little infant guy nestled in your arms! :)


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