Snot Cronicles

This is what happens as far as blogging goes when you feel like you’ve been sick forever and you’re shooting back cold meds on a regular basis just to get through the day.

Needless to say, there’s been a lot of sleepless nights and toddler snot. Lots o’ toddler snot. When Lochlan first got sick I was covered in it but not as much now, thank goodness. But seeing as how I’m still scrubbing off the layers of snot from Lochlan's runny nose, here are just a few of the places he loves to wipe it.

Lets get this party started.

The cats – Our cat Catalina gets it worse than our little kitty Kayleigh and there have been several times when I’ve caught Loch nose diving into Catalina and wiping his nose across the side of her. He’ll also go in for a kiss on top of the cat’s head and smear it in between her ears. Catalina is always a trooper and just lets him wipe away.

My pillow – This is usually the first place Loch will snot up when he’s getting sick. It’s normally in the middle of the night and I’m about to drop dead so I’ll bring my pillow into his room and try to get him back to sleep. I always think I’ll be able to cuddle up with him but after a few minutes he thinks it’s time to party.

I’ll sing Baby Beluga and as he starts to settle down, he’ll swipe his runny nose all over my pillow. I’m usually too tired to care so once I finally get back to my own bed, I just flip my pillow over and drop dead from exhaustion.

Me – I’m partial to wearing v-neck tees which gives Lochlan the perfect little space to coat me in his snot. I also get it in my hair and on my legs. My hands usually get coated in it because if there isn’t a tissue handy and since my shirt doesn’t have a dry space, I’ll just let Loch wipe his nose on my hand.

String cheese – Okay, I have to admit I found this pretty impressive and creative. I know you should try to avoid dairy when you’re sick and congested but he's been eating very little and since it’s in his DNA, he loves cheese so I gave him some string cheese.

We were still in the kitchen and as he started to gobble up the cheese, his nose was like a faucet. I went to get a tissue and as I was walking back, he took the string cheese and used that as a tissue instead. I now know what it’s like to dry heave, laugh my ass off, and pee myself at the same time.

I'm hoping we're healthy soo


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