Finding A New Normal

I started typing this post last’s now Sunday and I'm finally finishing it up. It’s kind of comical how long it actually took. Hopefully I will find the time to blog more frequently, but right now, my life is consumed with all things baby and I am trying to soak up every last minute of this adventure.

I love this 8 pound, 5 ounce nugget (his weight at his our visit last week with the lactation consultant) more than I ever dreamed I would. It’s shiny (total Firefly reference for my Captain Tightpants readers). Holy crap, my tiny human is so, so amazing and he smells so good. Life with a newborn is also the single most difficult thing I have ever done. Taking care of someone who is 100% dependent on you for every single aspect of their well-being is overwhelming. There are so many things to figure out...why is my baby crying, how do I feed my baby, is this a normal diaper, where should my baby sleep? Every single thing you encounter is something you have never done before.

We’re five weeks and two days into our “new” family dynamic now. One of the major things that you have to do is find a “new normal” with this new family member. The family dynamic changes...must change...with the addition of a new person. The family is a compilation of all the people in it, so things change when a new member joins, no matter how small.

While there are some difficult parts of having an infant, there are just as many wonderful things. Here is just sampling to take us out on a positive note...

  • Lochlan calms immediately when he lays his head on my chest and hears my heart beat. 
  • The smell of his head 
  • When I kiss his feet, his tiny toes curl around my upper lip. 
  • Dark blue baby eyes. 
  • Triangle toe nails. 
  • The sound of breast feeding. (You may think it’s weird, but I think it is amazing.) 
  • The look on Adam's face when he looks at Lochlan...amazing. 
I will try to come back again soon to tell you more about my adventures. you know, in that 4% of my time that I'm not staring at my baby. He’s got me wrapped around his teeny, tiny finger. and I couldn't be happier.


  1. So so precious!! I love how honest you are in that there are difficulties as well. Of course they are 100% worth it but I often wonder at 35 and in "our normal" how things would change with a baby added.

  2. All of the above is so, so true!! Congrats, he truly is precious.

  3. How is it possible that it's been 5 1/2 weeks!!??? Looks to me like your navigating even the difficult times. He looks like a happy guy to me!

  4. He is SO adorable! Would love to hear more updates as you have time, but I know all too well how baby trumps blogging. Take your time and enjoy Lochlan, and blog when you are ready. :)

  5. It's hard to find time (or the desire!) to post when you have a newborn. I spent a whole lot of time staring at my daughter early on as well. :-)

    BTW, he is adorable!

  6. I feel like every few months we are finding the new normal! Never a dull moment, that's for sure. So happy to see you so happy!


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