A Grate(full) Belly

Two nights ago at bed time, I attempted to introduce Lochlan to the concept of gratitude. It’s a good habit for him to form from an early age, and it is something that I want to incorporate into my own life, so why not combine the two by folding it into our bedtime routine?

I have been a little blue lately, which is part of the reason I have been a little quiet here. I know, sharing might make me feel better, but often, I find myself opening Blogger, staring at the empty “New Post” box, waiting for inspiration that never arrives. So, being grateful for all the positives in my life is something I am hoping will help pick me up out of the blah.

After we read "Mighty Dads" and "Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site", turned on the noise machine, turned off the light, and sang Baby Beluga, I tried to talk to Lochlan about feeling appreciative of all the awesome things we have around us. I started listing some items before asking my little love for his picks. Without hesitation, he said...

“My dump truck big Ernie, my special cookies, and Timbits.”

And then he followed up with an...


I’m not even sure he understood what we were talking about, but I like the way he thinks. Instead of worrying about things that haven’t happened, feeling sad about things that didn’t happen the way I would have liked, or wishing for things to hurry up and happen already, maybe I just need to think in simpler terms. Being grateful for a good song on the radio or nothing but green lights on the way to work, or  yes, a hot cup of steeped tea and a few Timbits, is all I need.

Mmmmmm. Timbits. I think I feel better already.

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