Cereal With Your Sugar

I’m sure most people have heard studies concerning cereals and sugar content. This was a particular disappointment because I eat Lucky Charms almost every morning for breakfast. The news about the possible unhealthiness quotient of this particular cereal lead me to some serious evaluation...for about five minutes in the grocery aisle. And then, I bought another box of the Lucky Charm variety. I should care more about this sort of thing, but alas, I have acquired poor self control when it comes to sugary goodness.
I am often endeavoring to make sweeping changes in my life that will somehow turn everything around and make me happier/full of energy and vibrance/an all around better human being...
  • I will go to bed early and wake up early, too.
  • I will cut back on my TV watching.
  • I will stop worrying about small, insignificant things.
  • I will eat more vegetables and whole grains.
These are nice goals, but they stray too drastically from the life I’ve been living for quite some time. It’s a mistake to try and take on too many large life improvements, especially if I feel content cuddling and being lazy with Lochlan until late in the morning on weekends or feel happy watching Big Brother and Deadliest Catch. Instead, the best I can do for myself is to identify the things that are holding me back or preventing me from feeling my best physically or emotionally and then work on fixing them in a slow, realistic manner.
Baby steps if you will.
This morning, I planned to do as much by eating oatmeal for breakfast. And then I proceeded to pour myself a bowl of my old favorite. Perhaps I need an intervention or a stronger will, but I think I’ll just have to wait until that colossal double box I recently bought is purged from this house like the devil food it is rumored to be.
Isn’t the first step admitting you have a problem, anyway?


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