Infertility Journey

March 2010 
First visit to RE.

May 2011 
Start IVF cycle #1

June 2011 
IVF cycle #1 is cancelled due to poor response.

July/August 2011 
Start IVF cycle #2
10 eggs retrieved, 8 mature, all 8 fertilize
Transfer two embryos

September 2011 
Frozen Embryo Transfer #1
Transfer two embryos

November/December 2011
Frozen Embryo Transfer #2
Transfer two embryos
BFP - Beta 43, second beta 41
Chemical pregnancy

February/March 2012 
Frozen Embryo Transfer #3
Change clinics and ship embryos to new clinic
Last two frozen embryos lost in shipping

September 2012 
FSH is high at 17
AFC is low at 4
After much discussion, it's decided that delaying IVF cycle #3 and instead repairing my tubes is the best course of action

November 1st 2012
Surgery to repair my tubes

December 2012 - Present
Cycle Naturally and see what happens...this could be interesting

January 2013
Chemical pregnancy #2. A year to the month since my first chemical pregnancy

February 2013
Chemical pregnancy #3

November 2013
HSG shows both tubes are open

December 2013
Decide to move onto IUI in the new year

January 2014
3rd - take HPT and faint, faint line appears
4th - another line
5th - another line
6th - Pregnant on a digital, first beta of 34 at 10 dpo
9th - second beta of 200 at 13 dpo
14th - third beta of 2,318
15th - first ultrasound shows sac in uterus
20th - see yolk sac
30th - Baby measures perfectly with a heartrate of 125

February 2014
4th - fourth ultrasound, baby measures 7 weeks 5 days
13th - fifth ultrasoubnd, baby measures 9 weeks 0 days
25th - first appointment with OB - Due date is September 18th, 2014


  1. WOW, I CANNOT believe they lost your 2 frozen embryos while shipping them to your new clinic! Incompetence at its best (or is it worst?). Makes my blood boil.

  2. I could cry over your lost embryos. Seriously! Not cool!

  3. I can't believe they lost your embies!! That is atrocious I am sorry.

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  5. Oh holy jeezum I can't believe your embryos were lost in transit. That is horrific. Was there any consequence to the shipping company? I am so sorry for that devastating loss. And the chemical pregnancies as well, which are further devastating losses. Good luck to you on this incredibly difficult journey!

  6. Wow they lost your embryos, just speechless on that one for sure. I am so sorry for that terrible loss and the chemicals as well. Wishing you the best of luck and I'm looking forward to following your journey.

  7. Hey--congratulations! I missed this new development... I am excited for you and will be thinking of you as you grow that baby!


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