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In addition to gathering all of the information about our lost embryos at our follow up appointment...we've also made some decisions on the quest for baby JaAdam.

We are taking a much needed break. 

Just a few months to rest, relax and generally enjoy life before jumping into IVF #2 (Cycle #6). This break is a long time coming! At this point, we've now been cycling since May body needs a break! We'll enjoy the summer and start our next cycle in August.

We did learn that my FSH is a little on the high side at 14 (last summer it was 6) so we'll repeat as well as run AMH before starting our next cycle. It is possible for FSH to vary from month to month and I am hoping that's the case with me.  I'll be on the Patch Protocol which uses Estradot, Orgalutran, Puregon and Luveris. Does anyone have any experience with this protocol? 

For the first time in a long time...I'm feeling calm and relaxed about this. This break is a good thing. It'll give me time to get healthy, both mentally and physically. Our dream to have a family is still alive and well and that feels very good indeed.


  1. A summer break sounds like heaven to me! Enjoy!

  2. A break sounds fantastic. I could never bring myself to do it, but we definitely needed it. You guys will come back refreshed and ready. Or maybe pregnant :). Enjoy your summer off, one last summer to be skinny and selfish and live for yourselves!

  3. That is a very good idea. I hope you can do some fun travelling during this time and really enjoy the summer!

  4. A break is a wonderful thing. I took a 6 month break after my IVF failed and it was a good decision.

  5. A rejuvenating break sounds like a wonderful idea :) I've always found that I come back with a new enthusiasm :)) xo

  6. A break always helps!
    Not sure if you are in the Toronto area but there is a doctor in the area that specializes in high FSH.

  7. Janet -whoa woman you've been through a hell of a lot recently! A break sounds like a good idea. Hopefully you can come into the next IVF feeling refreshed. I have a high FSH and responded poorly to stimulation. It was the Estrogen priming protocol (similar to your patch protocol) that finally got me to retrieval and transfer and later pregnant. It's about time something goes right for you, I sure hope this is it.


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