Sick = No Fun At All

I'll update when I can but I've been admitted to the hospital with sepsis. Fun eh?

I'm getting great care and I'm sure I'll be back on my feet in no time. While I'm here I really need to find a way to get the lady next to me to stop snoring!

Hope you all had a great weekend.


  1. I hope you get better soon! How in the world did you come down with that?

  2. Oh yuck. I hope you start feeling better soon.

  3. Oh my God!!! What the hell??? Thinking of you!

  4. Oh no!! Get better soon Janet and STAY in the hospital until it's better ;)

  5. I'm so sorry to hear that you're not well... thinking of you as you recover xoxo

  6. To a speedy recovery!

  7. Wow, how did you get that? I hope that everything is okay and glad to hear that you're getting good care. Keep us posted.


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