Unfairness And A Choice

Life is not fair.

It never has been, and it never will be. Some people are born with powerful advantages. Others are born with crippling disadvantages. For everyone, in different ways and at different times for each person, life is challenging. And although life is not fair, it is dynamic and responsive. Though life is not fair, and though life presents you with endless challenges, you have the opportunity to do something about those challenges. One very important thing you can do is to dream, and use the power of those dreams to triumph even in the face of all the unfairness and the challenges.

But you know what? I'm finding it incredibly hard to dream let alone use the power of those dreams to triumph at the moment.

I'm struggling with the news that a friend is suffering in the midst of unfathomable situation on her road to becoming a mother, her partner a father. I'm struggling with the fact that Adam and I have fought so hard in our quest to becoming parents when others have what I've struggled so hard to get but don't want to be parents. 

I've realized this though...Yes, life isn't fair, which is why I must be optimistic.

Pessimists pretend that life should be fair and then get upset when it isn't. When the unfairness of life smacks pessimists down, they tend to stay down.

Optimists know life is unfair but still try to make things better. When the unfairness of life knocks them down, optimists get back up on their feet and try again.

Think of it this way...you've been dealt whatever cards you've been dealt. You have two choices...
  1. Complain that other people got better cards than you or 
  2. Concentrate on playing the cards you got as well as you possibly can.
Optimism is the only "cure" for the unfairness of life and I choose to be optimistic. 

What about you...are you a pessimist or an optimist?


  1. This journey has definitely taught me to be optimistic. It works for me and helps keep me on task.

  2. One thing being a Christ follower has taught me over and over is to be optimistic. God has a plan for all things to work out for His glory. Romans 8:28

  3. this is fabulous! i am a bit of both! i love to be positive but sometimes i feel like one little thing can go wrong, and i let it spiral to EVERYTHING is wrong.
    i think i'm an optimist 75% of the time and a really bad pessimist the other 25%


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