Christmas in July

For Christmas one of the lovely gifts I received from my sister was a spa day at the top rated spa in Canada...St. Anne's Spa...which also happens to be one of the top 100 spas in the world. Saturday was our spa day...

and it was heavenly.


  1. That is awesome gift. Now quit running around outside in your robe :)

    Seriously though, I am sure that did wonders for you mindset and helped you relax. You deserved it for sure!

    1. It was funny when we arrived to see people wandering the grounds in their robes and men with hairy chests eating in theirs! It was an amazing weekend!

  2. What a great gift!! What did you get done?

  3. What a sweet gift. hope you enjoyed!

  4. JEALOUS!! What a fabulous and fun gift!!!

  5. That looks so relaxing! Gorgeous place!

  6. Beautiful! What a wonderful gift!


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