Sacred Proverb

There’s a sacred proverb that goes...

“When in life you bite off more than you can chew, Stop Chewing for a moment, and walk around naked in your living room.”

Okay not really. I obviously just made that up. And no, I don't have an obsession with being naked even though I have rock climbed naked, in the dark not once but...twice. 


I think that lately I have perhaps bitten off more than I can chew.

It happens to most of us at one time or another and I'm usually pretty good at being able to deal with it all but for whatever reason...I'm finding myself overwhelmed - if not paralyzed - by the enormity of the responsibilities I currently have.

I think I need to find - The Balance

You see, there must be a balance between when you’re doing the - Biting and Chewing...also known as taking big leaps, working your ass off, and making things happen you never thought you could do before and the - Walking Around Naked...also known as giving your mind and body a little break to change your go, go, go state and just have some spontaneous, carefree, let-it-all-hangout fun.

Personally, I sometimes struggle with turning off the go, go, go state of mind once I start chewing. 

Sleeping - forget about it. I'm too busy trying to organize ideas and take mental notes. 
Conversations - Ha...don’t even try to talk to me if I'm working on my stuff. 
Social Life - sadly I’d rather stay at home and play around in the blogosphere than make it for happy hour.
Food - I forget to eat unless someone puts a plate in front of me and reminds me.

Does this ever sound like you? If so...well, at least now you know you are not alone.

I know, of course...this isn't the best habit for me. So I'm asking...anyone have any ideas on how I can balance this out a bit? I'm all ears!

In the meantime, I'm going to try and remember this...You Live and You Learn. So, while I'm  in the process of doing BIG things and biting off more than I can chew or I'm enjoying life’s spontaneous and random moments while I walk around naked in my living room (or a 300 foot cliff in the dark) I will not forget to enjoy the ride.



  1. *sigh* Thanks for the lesson. And, btw, I DO walk around naked in my living room. Often from sheer laziness of not wanting to get dressed. But no, really, I need this lesson. I am always trying to jam-pack my life. Planning this trip, or that activity, or finding this little thing that I NEED to get done. The funny thing is, I'm really kind of a lazy person, so I end up just stressing myself out. I am that little bunny. Damn.

  2. This is me for sure!!! Now here I am stuck on bed rest at a hospital:-( I am not sure I have the answer at all but several years ago when I felt it was really bad I met with a counselor and one of the best things she gave me (besides meds) was a calendar to use to keep up with how I was spending my time. I had to schedule time for lunch, friends, etc. This really helped me to see visually where I was spending my time and to make sure I was spending time on the things that were most important to me. Maybe try it, it worked for me for the most part and hopefully it will help you.


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