Random Thoughts

  • I really want a tiny little stud in my nose. I know. I'll be 38 in a couple of weeks and it's a bit ridiculous, but I really want one. I mean, why not? Will it ruin my reputation at work? Does it cost a million dollars? Will strange kids try to rip it out?
  • I need to download "Sharknado" when I get home. I hear it's epicly, awfully...good.
  • I wish there was a grilled cheese restaurant in my neighborhood...it would be a revelation. I would eat there everyday. It would totally ruin any hopes of a gluten-free day though.
  • I really want a glass of white wine sangria.
  • Do I really need another trip to the bathroom to check "Vine". Will my boss think I have an issue with my intestinal tract? I did spend 15 minutes in there the last time.
  • Should I really buy another box of FRER just to have them tell me "No Janet...you are not pregnant".
  • I really want a slice of birthday cake but I don't know what to tell then when they ask me what I would like to have written on it.  
  • Is it really necessary for me to drive all the way downtown just to buy more candy apple bits at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
  • What excuse can I come up with to leave work an hour early on a Friday.
  • Does anyone but me remember the toy "My Pet Monster".

That is all.

Random Thoughts Journal by Journaling Jane via Etsy


  1. You are the third person today who has mentioned that sharknado. I am going to check it out myself. Great random thoughts for the day!

  2. GAAAAAH I need to see Sharknado!! I hear it is coming on again on Thursday! I say go for the nose stud. I think they look pretty awesome. And go get some cake, too. And candy apple bites...that sounds amazing!!!

  3. Answers to musings in order are: Yes, do it, mmmm grilled cheese, mmmmmmm sangria, probably and who cares, I say not - should an occasion arise when you are really suspicious buy some then, 'a very happy un-birthday' al la Alice, yes probably, I am to late to help with that one, no. You are welcome.

  4. You would look good with a stud in your nose. I can definitely see that. Also, we have a grilled cheese food truck in my neighborhood called Melt. Brilliant.


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