Seven Things You Can't Say In Canada

Recently I was surfing when I should have been working on my course...I mean...I accidentally stumbled upon something while researching something for my course. Anyway...I came across this link and as a proud Canadian I was compelled to check it out...

7 Things You Can't Say In Canada

Really? There are seven things that you can't say in Canada? This is news to me and I live in Canada! Shocking. Now I'm interested. I need to read this this. I need to be prepared in the unlikely event that a non Canadian has the courage to utter one of these "Can't Say" things while standing on Canadian soil. Does this article also give tips and advice on what a Canadian should do if this happens? I hope so.

I present to you the 7 Things You Can't Say In Canada
  1. Margaret Atwood writes some awful books. 
  2. Recycling is a waste of time and money. 
  3. Only private enterprise can save health care. 
  4. David Suzuki is bad for the environment. 
  5. A National Daycare Program Won't Do a Thing To Help Poor Kids. 
  6. Group of Seven are overexposed genre painters. 
  7. The United States is the World's Greatest Force for Good.
As the ol' saying goes..."You learn something new every day".

What new thing did you learn today?


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