An Update

Here’s something I wasn't sure my pre-baby self ever thought I would say...I love being pregnant.

There’s a lot of responsibility on me to keep the show running, but I am more than happy to play that role. At nearly 26 weeks (25 weeks 4 days today), this baby is beginning to feel like a real baby. Not only can I feel him kicking all day long, but I can actually see him jolt my stomach! (If ever you want to kill thirty minutes straight by staring at a moving baby bump, come on over.) I feel like I’m in that sweet spot of still being able to live a normal life while simultaneously enjoying all the perks of pregnancy. Aside from intermittent bouts of nausea, having to use the restroom every fifteen minutes, and getting tired more easily than before, I feel pretty darn good. 

Despite feeling pretty darn good...there was a bump in the road this weekend. 

Adam left early Saturday morning for a day or rock climbing and I fully intended to stay in bed until noon! I was tired after getting up every 30-40 minutes to visit the ladies room (and yes, I have a ladies room...well more like his and her bathrooms) anyway...I was out of bed early and was feeling some low back pain and pretty intense pressure. "It's nothing" is what I kept telling myself but after a couple of hours with no improvement, I called a friend and had her take me to the hospital. 

I spent the day at Labor & Delivery hooked up to the monitors, baby and I being very well cared for the entire time. They did an exam as well as the fetal fibronectin test and a urine test. Turns out that I have a nasty UTI that was causing the pain and pressure. Lesson learned...a cranky bladder makes for an equally cranky uterus.

I was home with antibiotics on board by dinner time with instructions to rest, stay hydrated and go back on Monday for an ultrasound just to ensure that all was well with baby and a cervical length check. 

Today's ultrasound went really well...

Baby boy is measuring on track and weighs about 1lb 13oz. Cervix was measuring just above 3cm. Seeing baby boy just never gets old!

Every chapter of life has it’s perks, but this one seems to be especially sweet.


  1. Beautiful! So glad the bump was a UTI and not preterm scariness... and glad you were so well cared for. Of course these things happen when the men are away, ugh. Keep on enjoying all this wonderful pregnancyness (minus the UTI) and love the picture of baby boy!

  2. So glad you are both doing well!! Yay for happy babies!!!

  3. Sorry to hear about the UTI, but glad that's all it was!

  4. Hi Janet! My name is Heather and I have a question about your blog! My email is Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

  5. He is so adorable!!! & I would love to spend thirty minutes watching your belly move! Glad you are feeling better!!

  6. Ohhh I remember that sweet spot of pregnancy with little negative symptoms but all the great stuff. So glad you are enjoying it. Also, so glad everything was ok and it was "just" a UTI.


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