Goodbye ~ Hello

Goodbye second trimester ~ Hello third trimester!

Today is 27 weeks. Did you hear that? 27 is that possible? I remember finding out that I was pregnant just after the New Year and would find myself dreaming about being pregnant in June. How it seemed so far, far away...but here we are.

Yesterday I had another ultrasound and OB appointment. Yes, another. I'll be having ultrasounds at every appointment now to keep a close watch on baby boys growth. Having a marginal cord insertion means we get to take frequent peeks at baby. The best part...I'm now pregnant enough that having a full bladder is not necessary. Hooray for small victories!

Baby JaAdam looked perfect...2lbs 3oz and measuring perfectly on track. Cervix is long and closed. My OB is happy, I am happy. I'm up 19lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight, blood pressure was perfect and overall, I'm feeling pretty good. I'll have my next ultrasound and OB appointment in 3 weeks and then I'll see him every two weeks after that. This shit just got real yo! 

27 weeks in and I still feel like I'm on a steep learning curve. Maybe I missed the memo that the Pregnant Fairy left on my pillow or maybe these are lessons that every pregnant girl has to learn the hard way. Either way...I bring to you four facts 27 weeks of pregnancy has taught me....
  • I pee a ridiculous amount of times per day. I pee more in a day now than I peed in an entire week all together. Our water bill has increased ten-fold because of all the flushing going on around here. budget for toilet paper has greatly increased.
  • Forgetfulness flows through me like the sand through an hour glass. The days of my life can be summed up in two words: Pregnant Brain. I had something funny to also write here, but I forgot what it was.
  • I get out of breath doing just about anything now. Stairs? Forget about them. Show me the nearest elevator. What? No elevator? Carry me.
  • Google isn't always a pregnant girl’s friend. I can’t tell you how many times I've looked something up and based on what I read I’d swear I was either going into labor or that I had a rare disease only found in red frogs in the Amazon jungle. No joke.
With many weeks still to go, I'm sure the learning curve will continue but oh what fun it will be!

Those lips!


  1. Little boy is looking great! Congrats on another major milestone in pregnancy after infertility. I can't wait to see your son. So happy for you Janet :)

  2. Woohoo third trimester! Believe me, the peeing doesn't get any better, I think I was up 8 times last night? I've had to succumb to the out of breath / tiredness of pregnancy. Now, I vacuum, take a 10 minute break, do the dishes, take a break, do a load of laundry, take a break. I feel like I have so much to get done but my body can't do it anymore! So glad baby boy and mama are doing well <3

  3. Hahahahaha-- excellent observations about water bills and toilet paper budget. Definitely never considered that!!

  4. Oh the peeing!!! I normally only flush ever other time or two to conserve that crazy?


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