10th Anniversary of My 29th Birthday

I'm 39 today and while I'm spending it in the hospital...I have received the best gift...baby boy still safely tucked in my belly! 

Adam, my sister Tina and my brother in law Paul brought me a cake...

The hospital also helped me celebrate...

I have a wonderful life, family and friends that love me and this baby boy...what more could a girl ask for? 


  1. Happy Birthday to you :) xoxo

  2. Happiest of Birthdays to you!!

  3. Happy Birthday! That hospital cake looks really good to me. HAHA!

  4. Happy birthday, and glad that baby boy is still hangin' out where he should be!

  5. Happy birthday Janet! So glad you could celebrate with baby boy still safe and sound.

  6. Happy happy birthday! That IS a wonderful gift from baby boy. And so wonderful to see how many people are loving on you on your special day. Enjoy this "10th anniversary of 29" -- love it!

  7. Happy Birthday and you look really good. They are taking good care of you inside and the little guy too. Let him have some cake. : )


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