Thirty Four Weeks

Today I'm 34 weeks 5 days pregnant. It feels great to be here. When I was admitted to the hospital at 32 weeks 2 days...34 weeks felt so far away but here we feels amazing!

34 weeks belly
I was re-admitted Saturday once again with contractions and thankfully, we were able to stop them and I came home yesterday. My uterus may be cranky but my cervix has been a rock star and is doing an amazing job of keeping baby boy right where he belongs!

Tomorrow morning I have an ultrasound to check my cervical length and see how baby is doing. After that, I have my OB appointment. If my cervix has changed, I'll likely be admitted and will stay until I deliver. If not, I'll get to stay at home. My gut is telling me that we will meet this baby sooner rather then later...I can't really explain the feeling. It's odd. The good news...while baby boy will still be premature, we are now into late premature and baby should do very well. Ideally though...we are hoping to make it to 36 weeks. Will we get there? I hope so but I am also preparing for an early arrival. 

Hang in there baby boy...for just a little bit longer!


  1. Sending lots of positive vibes for tomorrows appointments!! Adorable video!!!

  2. He is determined to get here and meet his mom! You're doing a great job!

  3. Love the update--I'm so glad so far your cervix is not as cranky as your uterus (love that description...). I hope you get to stay home longer, but best wishes for a healthy rest of your pregnancy and delivery, whenever that is! :) Congratulations on 34 weeks!

  4. Hang in there - you've come so far!!!

  5. Yay!!! You know, I have completely disappeared from Blogland, but I keep checking on you. So glad all is well (last I checked you were in the hospital) and you are so healthy and happy! I will keep following :)


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