Forty Seven

Today is my parents 47th wedding anniversary. That’s right. For forty seven years they have been roommates, confidants, companions, shopping buddies, travel partners, support-systems, and teammates. In short, they are the best kind of best friends.

They raised five children, watched eight grandchildren grow from infants to self-sufficient young adults and one awesome little toddler, and they love to visit with and hear stories about their grandchildren. They are the centerpiece of every family gathering. All of the joy and generosity they put into loving all of us has multiplied exponentially, trickling down to our youngest family member, who often says:

“We FaceTime Nanny and Poppy now!”

As a unit, they have an awesome power. I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t smile at the sound of their names or who doesn’t think they are just the greatest. They are a fixture of most of my happiest memories, and they are often the source of some of the funniest stories I have to tell. They are affectionate and kind and genuine, and after all this time, they really are still in love. I think it is because they became one another’s family and then built on that family and then worked to make that family the most important thing in their lives. They have surrounded themselves with love, and because of that, they always have it.

Happy 47th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad. I love and miss you very, very much!



  1. This is awesome!! I think my parents are on year 45 ?..these days that is something not seen often.


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