Thirty Six Reasons Why My Three Year Old Might Be Freaking Out

Seems like it’s hard being a three year old...
  1. His sock is on wrong.
  2. His lip tastes salty.
  3. His shirt has a tag on it.
  4. The car seat is weird.
  5. He’s hungry, but he doesn't want to eat food.
  6. Someone touched his knee.
  7. He’s not allowed in the oven.
  8. I picked out the wrong pants.
  9. The cat looked at him.
  10. The other cat didn’t look at him.
  11. His hair is heavy.
  12. He doesn’t want to get out of the car.
  13. He wants to get out of the car by himself.
  14. His sleeve is touching his thumb.
  15. He doesn’t understand how popsicles are made.
  16. The inside of his nose stinks.
  17. Chicken is gross.
  18. A balloon he got six months ago is missing.
  19. The gummi vitamin is too firm.
  20. YouTube kids is slow.
  21. He jumped off the couch and we weren’t watching.
  22. He’s not allowed to touch fire.
  23. A shoe should fit either foot.
  24. I asked him a question.
  25. I'm talking.
  26. He can’t lift a dump truck.
  27. The cat is in his way.
  28. The cat won’t let him touch its eyeball.
  29. The inside of his cheek feels rough.
  30. Things take too long to cook.
  31. He has too much food in his mouth.
  32. He sneezed.
  33. Someone knocked over his tower.
  34. The yogurt won’t stay on his spoon.
  35. The moon goes to bed in the morning.
  36. Walking is hard.
What about your little ones...what might they be freaking out over?


  1. I've got one for you... M freaks out when his hair gets wet in the shower. :)

    1. LOL...lately this has been an issue for Lochlan as well. KIds are funny!


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