I'm still here. I'm still alive. I survived.

Tomorrow marks a week since my surgery and it would appear that after a very rough few days spent back in the hospital, I am finally on the mend. Thank you for all of the lovely messages of support. Please know that this is what keep me going when I was at my lowest low and yes, I'll admit...I did have more than one of those moments in the past six days.

The surgery itself went very well. It was a bigger deal than I was expecting and was quite surprised when I woke up in recovery to discover that I had quite a large incision and a dozen staples holding me belly together. Despite all of that...I am happy. I now have two "open" healthy tubes. This is huge. This means that in six short weeks we can try to make baby JaAdam the good ol' fashioned way. 

In the car on our way to the hospital. I may be smiling on the outside but I was terrified on the inside. Don't let the smile fool you.

A few minutes before heading to the OR
A little love and a squeeze before we said goodbye
Good thing I has this trusty picture to guide me on the proper way of putting on my gown. If not for this I might have put the gown on backwards with my lady bits exposed...but I have to wonder...why a duck?
Amazeballs surgery socks from KelBel over at Tales From Our Yellow Brick Road. The best part...I was able to wear these throughout my surgery and the nurses loved them!
I debated on posting these two pictures as they were taken a few hours after surgery but I've always been pretty open and transparent in regards to our infertility struggle and these two speak volumes about just how difficult this journey has been.
I'll be back on my feet in no time and will once again use this little corner of the interwebs to spout my ridiculous banter. See you soon!


  1. Wow you get to try the good old fashioned way, that's AMAZING news! So glad to hear that you're feeling better now and that you had such a successful surgery!

  2. Many many hugs to you!!! So happy to hear that the surgery was successful. :)

  3. so glad the surgery went well! rest up and feel better :)

  4. Two working tubes, that is incredible news. Keep healing and getting stronger.

  5. Glad you are feeling better! PS. Those socks are RAD!

  6. Hope your recovery speeds along! Love those socks.

  7. Hope you are feeling better soon! Great socks, I need to find a pair of those :)!

  8. I am so glad you are feeling better! Your a Rock Star! and I love your socks! Two open healthy tubes is AMAZING!!! Hurry up 6 weeks fly by!!!

  9. I'm glad you are starting to feel better! Yay for open tubes!!!

  10. SO glad you are on the way to feeling better :)

  11. It is great that you are starting to feel better, and I think it is wonderful that you are being so honest about this journey. That is what is needed. The truth of how hard this all it. Good for you.


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