Weekend Recap In Pictures

I'm still in a funny place. An unexplainable funk that I seem to have fallen into and one that is proving more difficult than I imaged to pull myself out of. 

I'm not sure exactly why I'm in this place. 

I have every reason to be feeling happy and optimistic. I'm healing quite nicely from surgery. Today is CD3 and we have the green light to try and conceive with this cycle. This should fill me with excitement but instead I seem to be feeling rather indifferent about the whole thing. It seems so odd to me that after all that we have been through - all the interventions and medical appointments - that we can now try to make a baby like any "normal" couple. This is so strange to me. 

I'm sure this feeling will pass. It has to. It must.

In the meantime....

It's starting to look a "little" like Christmas in the JaAdam household
Tree is up...but tree is bare...perhaps I'll decorate her soon
Sunday morning pumpkin loaves with pecans...yummm
Sunday evening ribs with Rudy's BBQ sauce all the way from Texas. Thanks to Kelly from Tales From Our Yellow Brick Road. The sauce was amazeballs!

What about you? How was your weekend? How do you deal with the "funk"?


  1. Maybe you just need some more time to get a feel for this new place. I love your decorations.

    I saw that bottle of Rudy's sauce and was wondering how you had some. We found a Rudy's in Texas and then a few months later noticed we had one about 45 minutes from our house. The BEST bbq and bbq sauce ever!

  2. SO glad you enjoyed the BBQ sauce. :)
    I am so sorry about your funk...I wish I had suggestions on how to deal with one. *hugs*

  3. So cute! Love the decor! I am putting together a cheer up Janet package!! just a few more things on my list to find! :) Fingers crossed for you this cycle!!!

  4. I love the decor!

    I have been trying to lie to myself, however that isnt really working out. So if you find the cure-all, please shoot me an email! :)

  5. The funk is hard. Sometimes i fight it by forcing myself to do some projects on my list. Other times i give into it and find a good movie or series to jump into. Whatever you decide, hoping your recovery continues nicely!

  6. I'm in the funk too, mostly I just tune it out. Eventually I will pay attention but for now, I'm fine with ignoring it.


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