*I'm in a weird place lately. I have no explanation. I'm all out of sorts. I hope to feel like me again soon. I will blog about recovery/next steps soon. It's been a much bigger struggle then I was prepared for. I'll get there. Just need time. So while I try and get back to being me and start talking again about the quest for baby JaAdam...I present to you...more of my nonsense*

If you want to know a sentence that you can utter to make me automatically judge the type of human being you are, try this one on for size: “I don’t like the taste of water”. There are so many things wrong with this statement that I don’t know where to begin. It sends my mind reeling and truly baffles me.

Please do me, you, and Mother Earth (love you, girl!) a favour and don’t even go there. Like, I'm sorry? Your body is 70% H2O. It needs water to function – from your immune system to your digestive tract to your skin, water is where it’s at. Don’t get me wrong – y’all know I love my soda and iced coffee like anyone else. But I also realise the importance of proper hydration and am not trying to get kidney stones, either. Water balances the electrolytes in your body, removes impurities and basically without it, you die.

I don't even really get the argument about not liking the "taste" of water...after all, it has a neutral taste at "worst"...unless you're drinking some contaminated junk...and a delicious one at best. There's nothing tastier than a tall glass of ice cold water on a hot day, I don't care what you say! 

Generally, if you live in North America, chances are that you’re lucky enough to have access to clean, safe tap water, or bottled water. That probably doesn't seem like a luxury but really is. Lots of countries are still fighting to provide safe drinking water to its citizens, which is insane, if you think about it. The fact that we have an unlimited supply of this vital liquid that won’t give us cholera or any other bacterial infection is something to be thankful for.

This is a pet peeve that I didn't even realize I cared so much about until I started writing this. Theoretically it shouldn't even bother me as much as it does, especially since I fancy myself a “live and let live” type of girl. But I've become one of those bizarre converts to the power of water since I started drinking more of it myself. Seriously, guys – don’t be a clown, drink it down! (I just made that up, so don’t try to steal it.)

Blue Water Photography by Carolyn Cochrane via Etsy


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  2. hahah! i also get annoyed when people are picky about water. honestly, we are lucky to live in a place where you can get safe, unbottled drinking water so i say drink it and stop complaining!

  3. I drink only bottled water. After having kidney stones due to the calcium build up in my city's water. I would never drink city water again. Of course everyone to their own :) Where I live now our water is almost yellow like pee. Even if it is safe to drink, I have a mental block and don't want to imagine pee when I sit down to have a sip.

    Glad you are getting rested up and recovering!

    1. I'm with you Toni...if my city water was yellow like pee, I'd be drinking bottled too! That I could not get past!

  4. been thinking of you Janet, hope you are recovering well, and I am looking forward to your continued trek for baby Jadam.

  5. Love me some water. Also, sending you many many hugs as you move through the recovery process!!


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