Life is fragile.

It would be amazing if we could just handle life with ‘kid gloves’ so that maybe we could lengthen it’s stay. Maybe, if we didn't take it for granted so, extra time would be granted. Precious time. If only.

Sadly, that’s just not how life works. Our time here is limited. Borrowed really.

Not one living thing is exempt from it’s grasp.

Wealth. Power. Social position.

Nothing can keep us from death’s grip.

You can’t run from it, avoid it, stop it.

Why then, is it so easy for us to forget how easily, quickly, and without warning, death can snatch us, never to return?

We walk about our day, usually with little thought to saying good-byes and living in the moment as if it were our last. We get bogged down in minor irritations and declare our day a loss. When in reality, every breath is a reason for celebration.
Today, as you go about your day, hug your loved ones a little tighter.
Pay attention to their words. Their expressions.

Don’t leave words unspoken that need to be heard.

Live life with the reality of it’s fragile state. We are blessed to be given wonderful family and friends to love. Every minute spent with a loved one is a blessing. Don’t let the irritations and frivolities of life keep you from cherishing every moment.

It just might be the last one you get.


  1. I love this post Janet. So beautiful and so true!

  2. Great post, especially in light of the recent tragedy.

  3. Great post - thanks for the beautiful reminder!

  4. Oh so very true and beautifully written thank you!

  5. So true. I think about this a lot because my dad's death was so sudden and was such a reminder that every day is a gift because no one can count on tomorrow. Thanks for putting it so eloquently!

  6. i couldn't agree with you more...this was a gorgeous post. from a gorgeous person. <3<3<3


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