I know there are no official text etiquette books out there (you know what? There probably are). Anyways, through this specific post I don’t want to be dismissed as a grammar junkie or an uptight editor. Truth is, I understand texting doesn't have to be well structured or contain proper punctuation. I just figured I’d share some texts that one might receive and choose not to respond. 

Let’s begin shall we...

"K" - In my opinion, this is the most arrogant, snobby response one can receive via text. OK is two letters, you really couldn't conjure up the strength to move those thumbs and type it out? This is even worse if you receive it after a multi-page message.

"ROFLMAO" - I appreciate you thinking my joke was funny but I highly doubt you’re rolling around on the floor laughing at it while your ass falls off...unless you’re an incredible multi-tasker.

"So, about last night" - Never a good indicator about what happened the night before. This probably means you had too much to drink and the texter is going to fill you in on last nights’ festivities.

"Wow" - I used to believe “wow” was something said when a person was amazed by something. I've slowly found out though that it can also stand for “I can’t believe you just said that.”

"To: Not you" - Sending the wrong person a text is always embarrassing. Sending a spiteful text to the person you’re talking about is even worse.

"What’s (name here)’s number?" - No problem, I can give you our friends’ numbers...just don’t ask me for it so you can invite them to plans I’m not involved in.

Anything with "THX" or "WKND" - I (personally) think the whole acronym phase is over. We all have fully functional keyboards on our phones. There’s no excuse to spell words incorrectly. Side note: Why was "kool" or "kewl" ever substituted for “cool”?

Overuse of  ": )" - Oh the emoticon. Often used to convey emotion through text, the emoticon is commonly overused by the more 'energetic' individual. Think of it as comma splicing for smilies: Appropriate when needed, but don’t get carried away.

Overuse of  "!" - Hey! Just wanted to see if you think I’m shouting at you! Truth is, I am! Because that’s what the “!” Is for! Yeah!!!!!


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  1. I am so guilty of using !!!!! with all my sentences. This happens through texts and also typing in general :) !

    This post did make me giggle though.

  2. I totally use K and Thx. However, I HATE using/getting text-style emoticons. If you really need a symbol to show me how you're feeling, download Emoji.

  3. Totally agree with you on acronyms and shortened words like 'thx'. SO obnoxious and you're exactly right-- you have a whole keyboard now. And you're not limited to a number of characters. So don't be lazy...BUT, I must admit to overusing exclamation marks. ?!?!!!!???!?!!!! I can't help it, I get really excited. OK thx. ;)

  4. haha I always use !!!!!!!! those! It's so funny because when I am texting my mom if I don't use !!! she will text reply and say whats wrong? is something wrong? why aren't you using your !!! hahah!

  5. i am sitting here smirking away for many reasons...my friend and i were just talking about the use of "!!!!!!" and "OMG" and "YAYYYYY!" i get a few texts from a certain someone that involve way too many of all of those and it cracks me up and sometimes gets a bit much. but i can be totally guilty sometimes. i laughed to myself when you mentioned texting the wrong person. woahh, maybe tmi, but last night i almost texted my boss a text meant for steve...let's just say, i would have maybe DIED if i sent it to my boss. and then pooped my pants. hahahaha
    i love your blog and YOU! <3 <3


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