This Is Not A Funny Face Friday

Please forgive me for skipping out on "Funny Face Friday"...I've instead declared this to be "Holland Holiday Pictures Friday". If I didn't share these now I fear that they would end up sharing the same fate as the "New York City Holiday Pictures" and would never see the light of day. Also...jet lag and my return to work has seriously kicked this old woman flat on her ass and this means that my hunt for Funny Face Friday props just didn't happen. But fear not my lovely peoples...every store in this entire city seems to be already filled with Halloween goodness and this excites me very much (more than it should)...Funny Face Friday will be back before you know it.

Here are pictures from our first few days in Amsterdam...

1. The streets around our hotel 2. Dam Square 3. The stairs of Doom at our hotel that cracked us up every time we opened the door 4. Leaning building 5. Big brother in law, little car 6. Raadhuisstraat street 7. Window view 8. Madame Tassauds in Dam square 9. Lovely street.

Canal Bus tour...

1. Lovely couple 2. Little me, big shoes 3. Pretty buildings 4. Canal 5. Sisters, big shoes 6. Cute car 7. I want to live here 8. Brother in law, sister in law.

City Sights...

1. Beautiful fountain 2. Lovely lady 3. I  a 4. Grrr 5. I amsterdam 6. Old door 7. Sister under an m 8. Another old door 9. Handsome stone man.

Happy weekend!


  1. Although I do very much enjoy your funny face Friday, I really loved seeing more pictures of your trip!

    Btw, how long was the flight?

    1. I have lots more that I need to share! Flight was just over 8 hours. We flew over Greenland on our way back and I was able to snap some amazing pictures!


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