Oh Sugar Sugar

I was eating some Hot Tamales for breakfast (don't judge ☺), and I was thinking about candy. I know to some of you...candy may not necessarily be food, but to me...it's one of the food groups on my food pyramid.

I love candy, I seriously have to slow down on eating. There are so many different flavors, from sweet to spicy to sour. It's just something awesome that you can snack on pretty much anywhere. You can suck on it, chew on it and bite it. It's something you eat when you don't feel like food or a snack. It's simply amazing.

I love you candy.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I have my work bowl filled with Jolly Ranchers!

  2. A girl after my own heart...I love all kinds of candy, but my favorite is anything sour. My mouth waters at the thought of it!! KinderCoaster

  3. Yummo!!! I would rather have salt though! hahah!!!


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