Waffles, Baffles, Maffles

I'm craving waffles...as in NEED. THEM. NOW. but I'm at work and unless they've recently added a waffle station...I'm outta luck. In the meantime...I will dream of waffles and all the things that one can do with waffles.

  • Make a castle out of them.
  • Throw them at people. Disco waffle Frisbee (Vine)
  • Play heads or tails. 
  • Start a game of checkers by conveniently putting syrup in only half the squares. 
  • One word: Air hockey. 
  • Disguise it as a pancake. 
  • Bite eyes and a mouth in one and use it as a mask. 
  • Give all your friends a motivational speech about the inequality between waffles and pancakes. I mean really. Why is it that pancakes always get better treatment?! 
  • Hand them out to people in the park. 
  • Go to the check-out at a store and ask if they accept waffles as a currency. 
  • Make a hundred waffles, sew them all together, and use them as a blanket. Or pillow. They both work. 
  • Make puppets out of them. 
  • Create a waffle sculpture in the shape of a turkey and show it off to all your acquaintances. 
  • Invent a way to be intimidating while eating them. 
  • Use them as a hairnet. 
  • Share them. Cause sharing is caring.


  1. Those do look mighty tasty. My husband didn't make waffles this weekend, but instead he made cinnamon roll pancakes and I have two left in the frig at work to eat this week :)

  2. A waffle station at work would be the best thing EVER. I'm going to suggest that to my boss.

  3. Your posts often bring a smile to my face...and make me hungry.


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