A Little of This & A Little of That

It's me...I'm here...I didn't disappear! 

To say that the last week has been rough would be an under statement of epic proportions. I started to not feel well last Tuesday and by Wednesday, I was down for the count. It seems that I picked up an evil gastro bug that really knocked me off my feet. By Thursday I wasn't keeping anything down so off to the emergency room I went. I was admitted Thursday evening for dehydration and cramping and stayed until Saturday. What a long three days!

In three days I discovered that...

  • hospital time moves slower then real time
  • hospital food is horrible
  • admitted for a gastro bug means you get a private room...one perk of being gross
  • wearing your own clothes makes a world of difference
  • I really can sleep on and off for an entire 24 hour period
  • one can watch many episodes of Supernatural...like many, many and never get bored 
  • having your iPhone charger is a life saver
  • hospitals smell funny
  • a 4.2 cm cervix will make your doctor give you a high five
  • it feels so, so good to go home!

Yesterday was our anatomy ultrasound at 19 weeks 4 days and baby looked fantastic! He was in a great position to get all the measurements they needed and all appears well. We also received the results of our IPS (integrated prenatal testing) and I screened negative. We kind of assumed this seeing as we never received a phone call but it was nice to get confirmation nonetheless. The risk for my age was 1:200 and my result came back at 1:3800 so great news!

The plan for the rest of this week is to stay home, rest, eat (gain back the 5 pounds I lost) and generally just chill out. This I can do!


  1. Wow that does not sound fun at all! Glad you are doing better and that the baby is doing well :)

  2. Yuck, feel better! I'm glad everything is great with baby boy!

  3. My son was hit with the same thing, very scary. He went from being sick but functional to limp and incoherent and needing to be rushed to the ER in like a half an hour. NOT a good bug for the young, the old, or the pregnant. Glad that you and your little passenger are both getting better. Take it easy, and make sure you disinfect EVERYthing ! This bug has the tendency to stick around and re-infect.

  4. Wow! Glad you are doing better and sooo sorry you've been sick.


  5. Feel better! Ugh. Hospital stays are the worst. Glad baby boy is doing well!

  6. How scary! I'm glad you're feeling better, home, and all is ok with the little guy!

  7. So sorry that you haven't been feeling well! Sounds like you were in very capable hands and I'm glad that both you and baby are doing better.

  8. i'm so happy you got to go home and of course, that you and baby are okay.
    take it easy, mama! and eat lots of pizza (if you're still craving it, of course ;))


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