Why I Didn't Buy It Friday

I love Fridays. That's not unusual. Nearly everyone loves Friday. It's the end of the work week. The beginning of the weekend but the best thing about Friday's for me these days...being lazy!

Pregnancy has made me tired, like super tired, tired in a way that I haven't ever been and while I enjoy being lazy on the weekends, I am not the laziest person I know. I am positive of that, because I constantly compare myself to other people to ensure that I am never the worst at anything. Never being the worst at anything is second best to being the best at something. That is why I remain slightly less lazy than the laziest person I know.

The battle against laziness is a meh one. I can’t even be bothered to find the correct adjective because I am just that lazy. I don’t fight laziness because it takes too much effort, which is why the battle is merely “meh” amounts of difficult.

Don’t get me wrong, laziness doesn't get in the way of my every day life. I work, finish my college assignments, share the responsibility of a near zoo’s worth of household pets (okay...I'm only talking about two cats but still...). There have only been two weekends since getting pregnant where I wore pajamas all day. I’m actually shocked now that I’m writing that, because pajama pants during the daytime has traditionally been one of my favorite sports.

The other day I was shopping for some new pillows and came across a bed rest cushion. Now, did I know there was something called a “bed rest cushion”? No, which is why the inherent laziness that attaches itself to this godly cushion was not immediately evident to me. I should also note that I wasn't actually in a store, I was shopping online from my iPad. On account of the laziness, you see.

I pictured a life with a bed rest cushion and how fabulous that life would be, then I realized that I would virtually never leave my bed. I would Internet from my bed (more than usual). I would read from my bed (more than usual). I decided there was no way I could emotionally, socially or kinesthetically afford a bed rest cushion and so I exited the browser decided that instead, I (might) go for a walk this weekend.

Happy Friday peoples!


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