I'm Officially Reserving The Right...

To do absolutely nothing!

I’m going to automatically forward all of my calls to voicemail, nap for however long I want to nap and then stay in bed for several hours after that. At some point I might invite pancakes over to my mouth. Who am I kidding? Pancakes are definitely invited.

I’m going to watch Fringe. I am going to watch all of the Fringe that Netflix has to offer. There will be no more Fringe left when I am done with it. I’m not sorry.

I will not put on a lick of  makeup or curl my hair...just because that is what my heart desires. I’m never going to leave my pajama pants. They are here with me until tomorrow morning.

I’m going to watch a sad movie my cats. I’ll probably cry. If I don’t cry, I will purposely seek out a show about people with medical oddities to ensure I will cry. It’s not a day off from life if you don’t spend time crying about other people with the safety of the filter that is the television screen between you and their medical oddities.

I will not think about work, I will not think about my familial obligations, I will not think about how my last big assignment needs to be finished by the time next week ends. I will not think about my house or how I almost killed a spider last night, but I didn't, and so it is alive, somewhere, in my bathroom.

Today is my day off from doing anything and I could not be more excited to not get this party started.


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