Twenty Four

I have been excited about this week for a while...I am now officially six months pregnant. Does anyone else find that hard to believe?

I literally live for Thursdays at the moment. Not just because it's one day away from the start of the weekend, but because every Thursday, baby and I grow a teensy little bit more and I can tick another week off my pregnancy countdown.

I now have just 16 weeks left. It's my sixth month of pregnancy. This baffles me because six months is always the month people use when they go: "Oh she looks like she's about six months pregnant!" And if people say that about me I can now say: "HA! I am!"

Life at 24 weeks...
This may sound insane but you have no idea how much I love this little wriggler. It's like counting down to Christmas when you are little but SO much more exciting. I don't know if I am much bigger this week, mainly because he likes to switch position so often that often that my bump doesn't really have a shape. I would say I am probably a little rounder and higher up, but I'm still feeling a lot of movement "down below" where it feels like he's trying to kick my lady parts out of the way to make some room. This is most uncomfortable and makes me twitch and pull a funny face every time it happens, something which is difficult to control and manipulate into something half-normal in public.

Baby at 24 Weeks...
Happy Viability Day Baby JaAdam! We don't want to meet baby boy for a few more months but today is a huge milestone and one I'm thankful we've reached. Well done baby. He's starting to get that cute baby chub that we all know and love now and he's well proportioned, losing much of that alien-esque quality he was so fond of earlier on. His brain is growing rapidly, tastebuds have fully developed, and his footprints and fingerprints are continuing to form, which I think is adorable. One day I'll be tickling those feet and giving those hands a little high five!


  1. Congrats on 24 weeks! I was always really excited for each passing week as well. :-)

  2. Congratulations on reaching the magical 24 week mark!

  3. Count down to Christmas now, but it's like Christmas every morning once they arrive. There is nothing better! I'm so very excited for you to experience motherhood! Congrats on 24- huge milestone!!!

  4. I changed over on Thursdays too and I remember how exciting it was. My husband never really got it. But every week is a big deal! Congrats on 24!!


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