Forty Minus Twenty Two Equals....


Twenty two weeks down, eighteen to go. It's surreal to be past the halfway point in this pregnancy. Crazy even! 

While I'm finding it hard to be thankful for things like constipation, morning sickness, and the inability to see one's own feet, there are plenty of things about pregnancy I am thankful for. 

Here are a few...

A supportive partner
Adam has been amazing. The love that I see radiating from him for baby boy and I is just the most incredible thing to be on the receiving end of. Pure joy. 

A whole new outlook
Pregnancy has taught me to be thankful for my own body. The opportunity to experience human growth and development inside of me has made me more understanding and compassionate of people in general. I 'get it' now. I get sacrifice. I get heartbreak. I get unadulterated happiness. I get unconditional love. 

That first ultrasound was a knee-weakening dose of reality, and subsequent ones gave us the chance to spy on baby's development, from height to heartbeat. In living, breathing black-and-white. Sometimes we had no idea what we were looking at, but I know he is actually in there and definitely ours.

The beauty of a big belly
I love being able to stand tall and proud with my stomach sticking out. No more sucking in abs! I feel more attractive when I'm pregnant. One advantages of having a big belly...I always have a place to rest my hands.

Be thankful (but a little bit sad) that it won't last forever
Once our beautiful, healthy, wonderful baby is born, he belongs to the world. Everyone will want to hold, hug, kiss and just plain stare at him. But for 22 weeks and eighteen more, he's all mine, known only to me. I alone feed him and feel his every move. He wakes me up in the middle of the night with his kicking and I sometimes wake him up when I get nervous because I haven’t felt him kick. I sing to him in the strongest voice (not best) he's ever heard, and in return, he dances for me. I will never be this close to him again, so I close my eyes and give my dancing belly a hug...and I always make time for one more song.


  1. I love it!! The end had me sobbing! It's so very true!! So much happiness for you!!!

  2. I love the having him to yourself part-- it's so, so true! I can't say it enough- enjoy this time!!!!

  3. I love this!! This is just the sweetest ever!

  4. Congratulations again! You look great!

  5. I love this post!! So heartfelt! XOXO

  6. Let me say it again, I'm really happy for you. I love that you love pregnancy. It's a gift.

  7. Janet, this is such a great post! I especially love the last bit...very sweet! When did you start feeling him kick regularly?? I think I've felt our baby from time to time in the past few weeks, but then I'll go days without anything and it drives me crazy! You are looking great--so happy for you!

    1. I've been feeling him move for a few weeks now, I guess around 18 weeks. Movements are stronger now and Adam is able to see/feel him move.

  8. You are looking great!! I miss my big belly. If only because, unfortunately, I have developed the habit of STILL sticking it out. Which is not attractive when you're no longer pregnant. Hope you are feeling good...congrats on the halfway point!


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