Friday...Also Know As...

My last day or work!

I took a voluntary layoff so at 21 weeks 1 day...I am officially unemployed. There are mixed emotions about this. Emotions that I'm going to have to process in the coming weeks and months. I do have a plan (and an online PMP certificate) to keep me busy and I think the key to my sanity is going to be maintaining some kind of schedule...but I guess we'll see just how sane I am (apart from my usual insanity of course) in a few months time. 

Happy weekend!


  1. I didn't work during my pregnancy with the boys, and I cannot tell you how glad I am! It was amazing to be able to rest when my body told me to, and to sit in the recliner and watch my belly jump around during their afternoon rodeo sessions without feeling guilty for just enjoying them. I absolutely think not working was how my twin pregnancy was so healthy and lasted until 38w2d! Enjoy this time with your little guy and soak up pregnancy :) such a sweet season of life!

  2. Also, seeing you with a baby bump?? SO CUTE!

  3. I am not even going into what I think about the work situation. You know how I feel about your boss.

    You look so beautiful and happy!

  4. Happy last day!!! You look fabulous!!

  5. Glad you're on a little hiatus now!!! Looking good.

  6. I am so so so happy to see that little basketball!!!

  7. Your bump is so cute! Not working during the third trimester will be really nice when you want to take a nap. Naps are key. :-)


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