A Day Devoted to Chocolate Cake

This past Saturday was National Chocolate Cake Day. To be honest, I am more than happy to celebrate any National Day when the day includes delicious dessert.

In my efforts to eat less sugar and do more yoga (post coming about this soon), I been off the Beyond the Batter cupcakes for a few weeks now but when I read it was National Chocolate Cake Day, I knew we needed to celebrate this glorious day so I headed to Beyond the Batter and bought a couple of chocolate cupcakes (they count, right?) and planned to attack it after dinner.

Lochlan specifically requested a candle, which I thought was the perfect touch, and after yelling “Happy Chocolate Cake Day,” and making a wish, the treat was divided, and we dove into the decadence.

“Mama,” Loch whispered after taking a few, hesitant bites, “I don’t know if I like chocolate cake.”

My mouth was already stuffed with my portion of 440 calorie heaven, so struggled to get out the words, “That’s okay Loch.”

To be fair, Beyond the Batter chocolate cupcakes are pretty rich. He’s quite used to their vanilla offerings, which come complete with sugary sprinkles on top in whatever colour suits the season. And he did just finish eating a cookie. So, I packaged up the remainder of the confection and maybe ate a few more crumbs. For good measure.

I am a big fan of Google because it keeps me up to date on the most important days of the year. Some of the celebrations are invented in-house...i.e. favorite color day and pajama day and others are of the national variety, but each one serves as a reminder to commemorate even the simplest things, like hugs and chocolate cake. Because cake!

But also because I want Lochlan to remember that Christmas and his birthday are exciting, but so are pretzels at the mall and building snowmen, and Fridays. And if he can learn to find happiness in the margins, the holy crap amazing moments will be the cherry on top of an already sweet life.

PS...It’s not too late to celebrate The Day After National Chocolate Cake Day.


  1. I totally would have eaten his portion then!! haha

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